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What competencies should a valuable SEOer possess?

When we are recruiting SEO engineers, we may encounter that everyone has different experiences, and everyone speaks differently. Therefore, the interviewer has learned to talk on paper. Without experience and experience, it is impossible to grasp at all.Website optimizationfundamental.So, to find a qualified and valuable SEOer, what abilities should be considered?

How valuable SEOers should optimize their website

1. Understand the company's business, find the core of the business through business knowledge learning; analyze business industry words, long-tail words, and customer attribute words to build the companyBusiness structure, find the focus of optimization, guideWebsite business structure layoutand operation and maintenance methods;

2. Master SEO technology, SEO optimization knowledge base, constantly analyze the nature of search engines according to customer website optimization experience, and guideWebsite technical structure layoutand the usability, ease of use and value of the website backend;

3. Familiar with the relationship and cooperation between SEO personnel through the company's business personnel, technical personnel, and management, and guide the smooth progress of SEO optimization projects.SEO projectkey management methods;

4. Complete SEO optimization operations, site optimization: website business structure optimization, website technical structure optimization (URL structure, website frame, sitemap), website code optimization (TDK, clean code, fast access speed), website link optimization (internal links) construction, external chain removal), etc.;

5. According to the sales funnel, decompose the in-depth conversion indicators, improve the conversion degree of the sales funnel, and guide the designation of detailed conversion goals, the person responsible for the realization of the goals, and the successful path to achieve the goals;

6, according tobrand funnel, to promote and optimize the brand of the website, from outside the website, outside the search engine, from the network ecology (such as Baidu Know, Tieba, Experience, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, iQiyi, news media, self-media, forums etc.) to achieve brand presentation, convey brand voice, and realize brand value;
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7. Use keyword analysis tools, traffic statistics analysis tools, webmaster platforms and other related tools to monitor, analyze, and interpret SEO data, and control SEO strategies in real time.

SEOer Skills Repository

Python, Internet Marketing, Data Analysis, Customer Industry Business Analysis, SEO TOOLS, html, PHP, Google Search Engine History, SEO International Standards, Sales Funnel, Brand Funnel, Project Coordination, Project Management, etc.

SEOer qualifications

1. More than 3 years of SEO work experience, engaged in the overall optimization of the website and accumulated experience, have a deep understanding of the promotion and operation of the website, and have done on-site optimization and off-site optimization;

2. Familiar with the principles of search engines, good at studying the nature of search engines and changes in search engine phenomena;

3. Familiar with HTML, javascript code and DIV+CSS, able to read webpage code independently, able to independently build website and website optimization, including optimization of website structure, page layout, code tags, etc.;

4. Have rich practical experience, corresponding SEO strategies and unique insights for methods and tools such as improving website inclusion, keyword deployment, long-tail keyword mining, website keyword ranking tracking, website traffic monitoring and analysis, etc.;

5. Familiar with various seo tools;

6. Data report customization: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, project management reports;

7. Have project management and project coordination ability;

8. Have its own SEO resource pool, SEO circle, and join SEO partners as the guarantee of website optimization effect.

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