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What does Baidu recommend for you?

BaiduRecommend for you

Baidu Snapshot Site BottomRecommend for you(PC terminal + mobile terminal), operation method:

Search for keywords, click on a website to open it in a new browser tab, go back to the search page, and find some recommended words for you under the page you just clicked on; these recommended words for you are searched in other search situations to the website, or some related words that are indexed by the search engine.

For example, open and search for keywords:米国生活 Open米国生活Official website Returning to the search page, we see the following content.

SEO-Website Construction-米国生活Brand mgsh-boo-SEO recommended for you

Baidu appearsOthers are still searchingDuring that time, it was temporarily cancelledRecommend for you, is a very obvious adjustment of Baidu, and now it has recovered, Baidu may have discovered it, these recommendations for you should be the same as other people's still searching and related searches, which can retain users to a certain extent and form users' deep clicks , increase user stickiness, which is Baidu’s approach to vertically increase stickiness for search engines; there are also practices to increase users in parallel, such as Baidu’s other sub-products, better traffic interface, Baidu applet, professional Q&A, etc. Implement internal circulation of Baidu traffic.

How to optimize recommendations for you

Recommended for you is Baidu's snapshot project, which is an item calculated according to search engine rules. If you want to add or delete some recommended items for you, you need to understand the principles and methods of search engine optimization. Otherwise, you can only maintain natural non-optimization status.

Baidu snapshot other adjustments - turn off site evaluation

Website evaluation is basically a place for brushing orders. As long as there is one negative evaluation, it will generate 100 positive comments, and 10 negative comments may lead to 1000 positive comments. In order to dilute the negative comments and increase the favorable rate, it has no practical significance. .Under normal circumstances, only by looking at bad reviews can you see the real operation of the company. Bad reviews are the way to observe when companies offend people or deal with after-sales attitudes.

米国生活SEO website optimization suggestions:

SEO workers should pay attention to the interface with Baidu, as well as the interface between other platforms, public opinion platforms and Baidu, and the interface between their own resources and Baidu to facilitate future SEO operations.

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