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What are the situations in which the internal link of the website returns a 301 status code?

In order to effectively detect the status of website internal links, we usually use website internal link detection tools. In the process of website optimization, we have to use many tools to improve our website to improve our productivity.

Internal link checking tool

We used the links check tool to get the following results. The screenshots are part of the content. When the mouse is placed on the link, more functions are displayed.

What are the situations in which the internal link of the website returns a 301 status code?

Inspection results and corrections

A large number of 301 means that the website URL has changed, which affects the jumping of the internal link, that is to say, the old URL1 in the internal link jumps to the new URL2, which causes the website to automatically jump according to the GUID index 301.

Then, follow the prompts to correct the old URL internal links one by one to avoid 301 occurrences.

Another case of internal link building 301

The internal link checked by the internal link checker used on this site is the same SEO internal link, the first one points to the home page and the second one points to the SEO column page, but my internal link checker tells me that the same keyword, if there is Two links, then the second link - SEO column page, 301 to the first link - home page link.

That is, for the same link ID, there are two or more keyword names.

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