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Why do top ranking websites rank on the first page of SEO?

It can be said that the ranking website isWebsite optimizationSearch Engine OptimizationThe focus of attention in the industry, the reason is how such a website without content can stay on the SEO homepage for a long time, and the weight is hovering between 3-5, so we have to analyze this website again and again, to the competition Opponents learn to grow themselves.

However, there is a precondition that you need to analyze by yourself: search engines such as Google, Bing, Sogou, 360 and other search engines will find SEO-search engine optimization encyclopedia, but Baidu cannot. Therefore, these abnormalities are not websites. technology, but rather the characteristics/preferences/intrinsic logic of search engines.

We use various SEO tools to study the top ranking websites, mainly in the following points:

Basic Attributes on Ranking Websites

Basic Attributes of Ranking Websites

SEO Tools: Chinaz

Basic data on ranking websites

Domain age: 6 years and 5 months, the ranking started on the homepage in 5 years, and now it has been hovering on the homepage for more than a year.

Filing information: None, that is to say, it is not under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the domain name and website are on overseas servers.

Website inclusion: 363 inclusions, this number is still very small, that is to say, the site does not produce content.

Number of backlinks: 589, a large number of external links, the station uses a large number of external links to import weights.

Website speed: 88 milliseconds, basically a website without content can easily optimize the website speed, and a website with content must do a good layout to reduce the impact of speed pressure.

Cloud acceleration: No, because no content needs to be accelerated.

Dynamic and static separation: No, there are no more than 10 pictures in total, there is no need to separate them.

Website structure: There is no main site seo, sub-site seo_chengshi, and the page content is consistent.

Through the results of search engines, we found that the algorithms of search engines will not attack these websites, because this SEO practice is not suitable for enterprise development, and enterprises will not choose this method to promote products, companies, and brands.

Detailed explanation of the structure of the ranking website

The structure of ranking websites -level1

There are only two levels in the top ranking websites, the first level and the second level. The links that can be reached on the home page are the first level, and the links that cannot be reached from the home page are based on the level of the URL. The top ranking level is only the second level, and there is no three, Fourth, deeper.

That is to say, the html file of the home page is copied multiple times, placed in the secondary directory, and the html file name is modified to seo_beijing, seo_shanghai, the website is very simple, and some pages are placed at the bottom of the home page. Station position, expressed as the first floor.

Ranking external link query

Ranking station group external chain

Most of them come from the external chain of the station group, and the vast majority of the external chain keywords areSearch Engine Optimization, that is to say, the top ranking has exhausted its strength to do the word SEO, which is used to show "strength" and take orders.

Let's look at the ranking of other words:

Ranking for keywords

We can look at its main business through META keywords, the first is SEO business, which mainly realizes the business of website optimization, network promotion, new site optimization, and whole site optimization through fast ranking.And the whole site is optimized in the hands of the fast ranking team, which is to write a lot of lyrics for you, but does not optimize the user-friendliness, brand effect, customer stickiness, brand voice, etc. of the website. The miracle is a little weight and traffic.

The main business model of the top ranking is to optimize single keyword SEO and SEO long-tail keywords through unrecorded websites, and to achieve SEO ranking through quick ranking + external links. It is used to recruit agents and serve SEO staff SEOer , but can not seriously solve the customer's realWebsite optimization,Brand Marketingproblem.

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