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What are the pain points of website optimization SEO?

Regardless of whether the epidemic era comes or not, the Internet has long been an important medium for us to communicate with the world. Our business purchases and personal life purchases are inseparable from the information on the Internet, because the Internet links our cognition and thinking together. .

If we want to sell our good products and services through the Internet, we need to use Internet tools and technologies, and Internet marketing includes various network promotions, as well as the optimization of the company's website. Only by optimizing the company's website, Only when customers search for us, use the website to market themselves.

However, we currently have many pain points in website optimization, which make us overwhelmed in the face of difficulties:

Website construction does not consider optimization

Most of our companies do not consider the follow-up operation of website optimization when building websites. A small number of companies consider the follow-up website optimization when building websites. However, they still do not consider the technology required for website optimization and website development. combine.

The result of this is that when we do website optimization, we find that the structure of the website has been finalized, and either redesign the website structure, or redevelop it, resulting in the lack of planning for the previous website construction, and it needs to be pushed again.If you don't reinvent the wheel, SEOer can't do a good job under the framework of a limited website, then it will lead to the level of SEOer not being good. If you leave the job, and then change to someone else, the result will not be much different. The level of SEOer is indeed very different, but website optimization is not the responsibility of a SEOer, and it is impossible for a normal person to let a role assume too many roles that do not belong to him.

Website optimization without a professional team

The wrong start is equal to half the failure. When we are doing website construction, if you ask the supplier whether the website you make can do SEO?What do suppliers tend to answer?I won't say it, because you know for sure that the supplier will give you a reassuring answer.But if the supplier of the website construction does not have the ability of SEO, his affirmative answer will be in vain.After all, after the website is built, the SEO work has nothing to do with the website construction provider.

If you hire an SEOer again, the SEOer will suffer and the company will suffer too.In the SEO group, we can see the complaints of various SEOers, saying that the website is chaotic and management chaos in the optimization process, and some we also see the names of large companies.There is also a very strange phenomenon, that is, many straight SEO men have to report to a female leader who does not understand SEO, but SEOer is close to the water but not enough.

Real optimization companies don't make money

Companies that can provide higher value often spend more time and cost, but they still need to compete in the market. If the price is low, it will not make money. If the price is high, it will not be competitive, because customers cannot distinguish between true and false. Bad, or can't find the problem inside.Holding a heart of serving consumers, in order to satisfy consumers, all we pay is the price, and the price can be transformed into brand power.However, in the business field of toB, the number of times the brand is used does not give toC the advantage.Consumer Daily - Consumer Protection Unit -米国生活

The chaos of the SEO industry

The SEO industry is still very chaotic. Now, many of the fast ranking and screen optimization are just concepts. Although we can do it, these are almost the gift of added value in the corresponding service projects.Practitioners in the industry are still publishing a large number of unverifiable or manipulative cases, trying to deceive customers and gain trust through the stupidity of human nature when they want to make money.A good SEO optimization company needs to have the ability of brand funnel and SEO project management ability.

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