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How to optimize website ranking and appear on Baidu homepage?

If you want your website to rank high, you need to do website optimization and website promotion, and ranking is the ranking of search keywords.It's a struggle for every business as to how to rank a website, because searching means customers can't find us, can't find and have no orders.In the Internet era under the current epidemic, every enterprise is eager to promote its website, but the enterprise does not have the knowledge and ability in this regard. There are many companies in the market that do SEO optimization and do not know how to choose, because the strength of each SEO provider is different. The value it brings to you is also different.

Choose a reliable SEO company

A good start is half the battle. Choosing a suitable partner can spend a lifetime together, and choosing a reliable supplier can accompany you forever.How to identify a good SEO company?

  • First of all, look at whether the company has a brand, look at its brand values
  • Secondly, see whether the company has won industry honors and whether it is widely recognized by the society
  • Finally, communicate to see if you can get resonance and if you are willing to help you solve the problem

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Optimizing the way your website ranks well to the homepage

The top ranking of the website requires website optimization and website promotion. The ranking is the ranking of search keywords, and the keywords of the website need to be optimized.

From the perspective of keyword analysis, keyword selection, keyword distribution and deployment, and the frequency of keywords in different locations on the website, they all belong to website keyword optimization.To learn more, you can search for keywords on this site to find the articles and knowledge you need.

When building a website, you should consider the website architecture, website code, website art, etc. to reasonably meet the seo requirements. These are all standardized requirements. We will help optimize your website to better standards according to Baidu standard specifications.

Make good use of the combination of internal and external links. There are both external and internal URLs. Many companies only focus on external links when promoting. In fact, internal links are also very important. Proper optimization can allow search engines to find them along the internal links. other web pages.

Search Engine OptimizationIt is a very deep industry. If you talk deeply, you may not understand it. If you talk shallowly, it is similar to others.Therefore, the first point is very important, please choose a reliable SEO provider.

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