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How to optimize the ranking of the first page of the new page of the website in 6 days?

The new page was optimized to the home page within 6 days, and the URL was also modified once during the period, which was successfully optimized to the home page.From February 2021, 2 to February 20, 2021, will you go abroad after the postgraduate entrance examination, go abroad to study after the postgraduate entrance examination, study abroad after the postgraduate entrance examination, and test the study abroad plan, etc. will enter the homepage without ranking, and go abroad after the postgraduate entrance examination. Studying abroad also goes up to the second page.

6-day optimization to the first page results -米国生活

This is a question raised by our customers. Moreover, it only takes this period of time to go to the home page after the results of the postgraduate entrance examination. Moreover, one month after the postgraduate entrance examination is completed, it may not be important. Such a temporary task must be done carefully. to the home page?Thinking about it every year, I still made a little effort.Enterprise WeChat private chat:

Confirm the demand for new keywords to optimize the ranking of the first page

Customers continue to recharge to optimize keyword rankings on the home page

WeChat group chat history:

Two days of web page revision content + URL revision, adding search engine spiders

Complete internal link adjustment to assist keyword optimization ranking on the first page

Keyword optimization ranking first page - success - except for the revision time, it is about 4 days

米国生活Provide free SEO optimization consulting for small and difficult enterprises to assist the effect of SEO optimization, so that customers can get more value with the least money.

Consumer Daily - Consumer Protection Unit -米国生活

米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ""米国生活") believes that the key to unlocking the potential of "new consumption" and promoting economic circulation is to increase the value of products and services, so that consumers can obtain more value under the premise of constant consumption power, thereby further improving social productivity and total production. and consumers' ability to consume again. One of the ways to increase value is to improve the quality of products and services, and to provide consumers with satisfactory consumption processes and consumption results through management methods of quality assurance and quality control. And enterprises or brands The stupid way to achieve consumer satisfaction is to do more services, make more efforts, and give more value to the society that we have created through struggle.

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