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How much is the right price for seo website optimization?

Basically, all customers do not understand the price and actual effect of SEO website optimization ranking?Because the transparency of the SEO industry is very low, and the customers are in different industries and the quality of the website itself is different, the difficulty and effect of SEO optimization are different, so it is necessary to accurately analyze the industry competition characteristics, website advantages and disadvantages, and the resources of the client company. And many other factors to get the true cost and price of SEO.And SEO is a continuous work, to achieve what kind of effect, we need to see the process of continuous optimization.

ButSEO ranking optimizationThere are still some factors for reference estimation:

Keyword Index

The higher the keyword index, the more difficult it is to operate. The index is the statistics of the number of searches. The higher the number of searches, the higher the index and the larger the market.Because many people search for this term, normally there will be quite a few competitors to optimize the keyword, but there are only 10 positions on the home page. If you want to achieve the home page, you have to squeeze your head to find a way.

The lower the keyword index, the less competition, and the greater the chance of reaching the first page.However, there are still people searching for a low keyword index because the search results of words with a high core keyword index do not solve the customer's problem, which leads to the extension and existence of long-tail keywords. Such customers will be more accurate and more demanding. closer to a deal.

industry competition

In the nursing home industry we recently received, practitioners in this industry have not yet fully realized the role of network promotion.Therefore, a company that competes through a website can easily become the leader of the industry. We see that the website of the leader in this industry is also very general, but there are no competitors. Therefore, users' searches are all contributed to those who eat crabs first.

The second echelon entering this industry, such as my client, is easy to rank during the optimization process, because the competition is low and there are few people in line, and it is easy to call you.

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