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Website optimization keyword ranking SEO is against the sky!

The market role of website optimization and SEO promotion Whether it is a customer, a supplier of website construction, or an optimization engineer or consultant specializing in website SEO optimization, we all know the role and benefits of website optimization, which can bring more traffic. and ranking.

However, at present, there are the following website optimization keyword ranking SEO situation in the market, which makes website optimization in a dilemma:

There is no SEO consultant involved in the website construction process

Website construction companies may promise to do SEO, but they don't do SEO work. To put it bluntly, they have no SEO work experience and ability. So, how do they provide an SEO framework?The answer is no.

The participation of SEO optimization consultants can make the website come with its own marketing attributes, and the ability of SEO optimization consultants can make website operation and maintenance staff easier, more accurate, and easier to obtain rankings and accurate customers.Under the conditions of various development and operation conditions, SEO can design a model of sub-dynamic growth.

SEO after website construction and development

SEO is search engine optimization, but website optimization is the optimization of the website. Customers do not understand SEO. In order to obtain customer orders, the website construction supplier promises in advance that the website can do SEO. As a result, the website only cares about its own construction and does not consider SEO. demand, resulting in a website without an SEO framework.

After the website is built, it is handed over to SEO operation, or simple operation. The efficiency of SEO engineers has been determined by website development. If the structure of website development is an airplane, then the efficiency of SEO engineers will be very high. If the structure of website development is a tractor, then The efficiency of SEO engineers can only move forward slowly, the value of the website and the value of SEO labor are also pulled down, so the value of the company's marketing is also reduced.

website building for website building

The person in charge of the website construction is to build the website for the purpose of building the website, not for the purpose of marketing and promoting the enterprise.Most of the current situation is that as long as you have a website to build a website, you can.And no one assesses the value of your website and whether it has traffic. We have also seen that companies that have been in business for more than ten years have no traffic at all, and now they are doing website revisions and want to appear on the website with a LOGO, but there is no SEO participation.A website LOGO can appear, but it has something to do with the quality of the website. If you only need the website LOGO, you have to find a woman to have a baby!A website logo is an attribute of an optimized, high-quality website, not something that just fell from the sky.

The purpose of the website should beEstablish a corporate/brand image and promote it to form market participation, display, and convey brand voice to increase industry influence.

Find SEO early to participate in website construction and optimization work!


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