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What does the SEO consulting service include?

SEO ConsultingLike business management consulting, brand marketing consulting, project management consulting and other industries, they are all work that understands the brain. Through the accumulation of a lot of experience, certain management rules are summed up, which will become the basis for the subsequent success of replication.However, the world is changing too fast and it is necessary to find solutions that suit the pace of our development and the current state of the business.

SEO ConsultingThe services mainly include website optimization SEO consulting, brand optimization SEO consulting, network public opinion SEO optimization consulting, SEO project management consulting, etc.

Website Optimization SEO Consulting

business keyword research

Determine the company's long-term, medium-term and short-term goals, separate the effect goals brought by website optimization, and coordinate the implementation of the company's marketing strategy.

SEO Affiliate-Website Optimization-米国生活

SEO implementation plan development

1. Diagnose the website, find out the deficiencies, and gradually improve the problem list from the framework to the details

2. Develop a specific optimization implementation plan and detailed implementation tasks.

In the process of implementing SEO optimization and improvement projects, we need different roles to coordinate in the project, and the role of project management is very important.

On-site optimization

Business structure optimization

The business structure is a website business structure organized according to the list of keywords, the attributes of keywords, and the needs of users. The business structure is the basis for optimizing our business through the website. Otherwise, only traffic without conversion means no business structure optimization. situation.

Technical structure optimization

Technology structure optimization is the optimization of technology implementation based on business structure. Technology is generally general, otherwise it cannot be called technology, but business is unique, and the technology structure needs to change with the change of business structure.In general, we need to optimize the technical structure as follows:

page optimization

1. Article TD optimization, Title title optimization, Description optimization

2. Main area optimization

3. If the similarity of web pages is too high, or the pages composed of tabs are repeated, use Canonical for optimization.

4. Page update mechanism: article link fission

5. Source code optimization

Content optimization

1. Article title: original + contains long tail words + industry words + brand words

2. Article content: original/pseudo-original + the way of drawing a circle with the center point, extending the diffraction outward

Effect monitoring and traffic analysis

1. Non-traffic data monitoring: collection volume + keyword ranking + snapshot + friendly link + external link data

2. Traffic data detection: traffic statistics analysis of search engines

Brand Optimization SEO Consulting

Brand optimization can improve the reputation and brand voice of the brand, and through the secondary optimization of brand marketing promotion, it can kill two birds with one stone, that is, the effect of brand marketing promotion is obtained, and the effect of enhancing the brand voice is also achieved.So as to achieve the effect of brand domination.

Brand Marketing - BOO - Brand Funnel

The implementation of the brand optimization SEO-BOO plan mainly includes the following work:

service items task 工作 内容 Remarks
Strategy and Reporting project communication Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual custom made
brand information dissemination Baidu library release and optimization 1. Content writing and publishing; SEO means to optimize the ranking of information; 2. The direction planning is as follows:


Client Visible: Posted link or screenshot;

Client is not visible:

Optimized process, technical operation.

Baidu Knows Release and Optimization
Baidu Post Bar Operation
Word-of-mouth Q&A release and optimization
Forum release and optimization
Baidu image optimization
News release and optimization
Other dynamic releases/optimizations
Manuscript/Q&A writing
Content planning
Brand official website optimization business word optimization Improve keyword rankings, maintain the ability to attract new products within the scope of industry business, endorse products by third-party word-of-mouth, link relationships with larger brands, and convey your own brand voice. Define KPIs, measure KPIs by optimizing results
Product word/product word-of-mouth optimization
Business/brand question word optimization
Brand long tail keyword optimization
Negative public opinion suppression Negative information optimization and suppression The existing public opinion guidance on the first three pages of brand keywords plays a positive role.Negative search items on the first three pages of keywords sink; drop-down, related and recommended for you, other people are still searching the home page search page results maintenance. Define KPIs, achieve negative suppression through optimized technology, and assist in public relations processing.
Negative information public relations handling
Baidu related/drop-down optimization
Others are still searching for optimization
Handling of Unfair Competition Communication

Internet Public Opinion SEO Consulting

"Monitoring-discovery-judgment-processing-repair-improvement", through system monitoring and monitoring of the first three pages of the brand word, discovering problematic news and reporting it to customers, and preparing preliminary and long-term solutions through comprehensive research and judgment of technology and business, After processing according to the solution, it is repaired through the release of public opinion manuscripts, and the found loopholes or deficiencies in the brand operation process are improved, and the improvement part is written into a new process.

米国生活-Brand Marketing-Public Opinion Monitoring Process Improvement

SEO Project Management Consulting

SEO project management consulting is an extremely rare project management and SEO consulting service, because SEO itself requires very senior experience, including a comprehensive understanding of website design, marketing, website development, SEO technology, etc., while customers only know a little about SEO Fur, need to manage SEO optimization related business, website development, website operation and maintenance, need project management ability to do well.

Common management documents for SEO project management consulting are:

  • SEO project proposal book
  • SEO Project Issue Management List
  • SEO Project Configuration Management List
  • SEO Website Optimization Process Assets

Doing a good job in SEO project consulting is the path that few people take. I hope you can find the right SEO consulting partner.

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