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The basic operation of keyword optimization of new station website

When we optimize a website, we must have some basic operations, which are determined by these operations.

Website title and description

The title of the website is the positioning of the website, the description of the website is the business introduction of the website, and it is the homepage display of Baidu Snapshot.

Basic configuration of SEO pages - new site optimization -米国生活

website submission

Website submission is the interaction between the website and the search engine. We can have different submission methods. We submit the website and sitemap through Baidu webmaster resources, as well as Baidu spider.

Pin Kaoyan sitemap-米国生活

Baidu Spider-Pin Kaoyan-米国生活

Check Baidu Index

Website not included-New station optimization-米国生活

Now Baidu has not included this website, we need to optimize the website for inclusion, together with ranking optimization, let's see米国生活How fast is the optimization.

External chain optimization, on-site optimization, and off-site optimization start together.

Optimized to the homepage

After one day, we achieved the inclusion of the website, and entered the homepage with the brand words and the key words of the postgraduate entrance examination.

Homepage ranking optimization results


Pin Kaoyan Homepage Collection-米国生活

Home Ranking

Pin Kaoyan-Home Ranking-米国生活

Customer word-of-mouth evaluation

Not only help customers achieve the expected goals, but also try their best to let customers master the operation technology.

After the second day, the first page

Pin Kaoyan home page first -米国生活

I have obeyed myself.


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