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What are the popular webmaster tools SEO technology optimization?

SEOers who do website optimization will use some tools to achieve website optimization. Then, SEO consultants, SEO optimizers, SEO article editors,Search Engine OptimizationWhat are the optimization tools that technology often uses?What do these tools do?

Webmaster Tools - Website Optimization - SEO Technology -米国生活

Baidu Webmaster Tools

Tool entrance:

Account: Baidu account, if you do not have a Baidu account, you canApply for a Baidu account

Main uses: Submit website to Baidu search engine, submit web page URL, submit sitemap, modify website logo, website revision, index query, and crawl query.

Baidu webmaster tool background screenshot -mgshcomcn-米国生活

Similar tools: other search engines, but it is not recommended to waste time, such as the 360 ​​search engine, no one has dealt with it for 2 years, if the information you submit needs to be modified, and no one will modify it for you, it will become erroneous data , very unfriendly to users.

Baidu Statistics Tool

Tool entrance:

Account: Baidu account

Main purposes: Query visitor traffic, visitor source, visitor attributes, visitor stay time, visitor conversion rate, source page, page upstream and downstream jump relationship, etc.

Baidu Statistics Tools - Website Optimization - SEO Technology -米国生活

米国生活Statistical tool:

account number:米国生活Self-use for own and client website analysis

Main purpose: Analyze visitor traffic, visitor area, visitor active time, visitor activity count, association relationship between upstream and downstream pages visited by visitors, important pages visited by visitors, etc.

米国生活Statistics Tools - Website Analysis - SEO Tools

Keyword Mining Tool

Tool Entry: 5118

Account: 5118 account, there are more charging services

Main uses: mining keywords, industry word long tail word download, 5118 webmaster tools, pseudo-original (not recommended), marketing intelligence (Zhihu, Baidu Tieba, etc. (charged items)), etc.

5118 word digging tool - website optimization - SEO technology -米国生活

web analytics tool

Tool entrance: Chinaz webmaster tool

Account: Chinaz registered account, more free services

Main uses: weight query, traffic query, word digging, keyword ranking query, website speed analysis, robots generation, Meta detection, homepage detection, friendly link monitoring, encoding and decoding, etc.

ChinazSEO Analysis Tool - Website Optimization - SEO Technology -米国生活

Didi Friends Chain Tool

Tool entry:

Account: registered account

Main uses: friendly link exchange, friendly link monitoring, friendly link trading, website inclusion of external chain spiders, website URL submission, etc.

Didi Friends Chain Tool-Website Optimization-SEO Technology-米国生活

米国生活Exclusive SEO Tools

Tool entry: deployed in米国生活Inside the client's website

account number:米国生活The service team is responsible

Main uses: website structure optimization, website internal chain optimization, website TDK automatic optimization, website automatic sitemap, website Google analysis, etc.

Exclusive to customers:米国生活Website building,米国生活Website optimization

Client-Exclusive SEO Tools-米国生活

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