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How to compress image size in website optimization

How does website optimization compress image size? SEOIs search engine optimization, need to have the knowledge of search engine optimization, and do various operations according to the standard.米国生活It will be gradually established later网站SEO operation standards, website construction standards, and website optimization standards to improve the coordination between the intelligence of each post.

Website Operation Image Optimization-Website Optimization-米国生活

The reason for writing this article is because we put a new site on the homepage in seconds, and the brand words were quickly included, and quickly ranked on the homepage and the top three.Then the handover of the website is carried out. After the customer receives the website background, we tell the customer how to edit the website. As a result, the customer moves quickly and changes all the pictures, but you can't see it because the customer only changes the size of the picture, which is dozens of K changed to a picture of more than ten M.At that time, when we analyzed the loading speed of the website, the loading bar kept going all the time, and we still wondered, is it impossible to be attacked?Our website has a high security factor and will not be attacked. Later, after analyzing the details, we found that the pictures are fat, no, to be precise, they are fat and fat.Search Engine OptimizationThe engineer cried and fainted in the toilet, and has not woken up yet, so, should we use this article to commemorate, mourn, or miss our SEO engineer who fainted from crying?

Homepage loads 120M - website loading speed and size -米国生活

Why slim down pictures

Let's take a look at the big website first, load 1.6M, and you load 120M, isn't it scary?Therefore, the picture should be as small as possible, and the picture can express the meaning of the picture.The original image of the design can be very large, but the final network output we want should be suitable for network search applications and competition PK.

Sina Homepage Loading 1.6M-Site Loading Speed ​​and Size-米国生活

Website image slimming

There are many tools for website image slimming, which can automate slimming. However, there may be other troubles when using uniform slimming tools. The background slimming of our website has convenient operation methods, so we recommend using the standard functions.

Simple slimming pictures

  • You can click the edit button directly in the article, find the image size, and select the appropriate size - medium/large.
  • You can also find the corresponding image in Media/Add Media, and in the lower right corner, select Size - Medium/Large.

Editing Images - How Website Optimization Compresses Image Size -米国生活

Custom image size editing

When we are more demanding, we can customize the picture, stretch, flip, cut, and customize the size.If you are not proficient in using it, just use the image tool to edit and upload it. This can edit the image and adjust the website image, but it is not a professional image editing tool.

Editing pictures - picture slimming -米国生活

After clicking edit image

Image Custom Editing-米国生活

Other image optimization

SEO image optimization knowledge review: Search engines cannot directly view image information, and you need to add image information to the alt tag of the code. The alt tag, our image upload boundary page, is the "alternative text" area, and the location can be found from the image above. .

In order to do a good job in website SEO and website optimization, in addition to image editing, optimization, and Alt text, what SEO functions do the website need?It is worth thinking about, welcome to consult.

Hands-on teaching

Original size 12M

full size-After reducing the size, click the [Stretch] button

Reduced size to 25KB

Optimize alt, once again, if you want to optimize the keyword [Pin Kaoyan], please put it in the picture [Alternative text]Use the keyword [Pin Kaoyan] here, and every picture you use will help you optimize.Otherwise, you don't care, and you deleted the keywords I made and changed them to numbers. Search engines can only read numbers, but not keywords.You even need to write the description and description in more detail (forget it, the labor cost is too high, just write the title and alternate text. Generally, when I save a picture, I have to name the file name before uploading the picture-title, then copy toAlternative Text - Image alt attribute SEO

Postscript, you can never see what you can't see, and re-understand [blindness].

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