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They actually acquired customers through hundreds of website building and website optimization!

Under the epidemic situation last year, more and more people began to do网站, Last year, there were tens of thousands of filings per day, which means that the number of website filings in 2020 was several million. Not surprisingly, they were doing websites last year and this year, and last year was a special year. Many people have never done a website. , doneWebsite buildingThen they will find that there is no traffic, and they will remember to do itWebsite optimization.

However, website construction does not necessarily bring traffic, and website construction requires a good SEO structure, including business structure, technical structure, and excellent website optimization operations.

Website filing-station group promotion-米国生活

Number of website records

A company registers hundreds of thousands of domain names. The company name here is the company's registered name. In fact, some companies have multiple companies. Through big data, we can see that the more companies that register domain names, the more they are on the site group. On the track, the more I like to do a lot of websites, and get customers through website promotion.

Of course, there is Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. that we can't think of. The toB business may be more difficult for Tencent to acquire customers than the toC business.

In addition, we often see big companies at the top. They have no bottom line on how to acquire customers on the Internet. They use various methods to attract traffic, build a large number of websites for optimization and promotion, and eventually jump to the target website.

Website construction record-the maximum number of records-米国生活

The steps of building a website

To build a website, we need to understand the steps of website construction, in order to know what is required for the construction, optimization and operation of the entire website, in order to build a better website.

Buy a website domain name

If it is a station group, it doesn't matter what the domain name is, but if you are a brand station, you must choose a suitable domain name, which is related to the brand and easy to remember.

You can buy website domain names at will. In addition to big platforms such as, Tencent, Western Digital, and Rename, there are also some service providers that build template websites.

Website domain name record

The website domain name filing needs to be bound to the server. Although it doesn’t matter which platform or agency the domain name is purchased on, the filing should be consistent with the server. Although I think it is redundant, the country has requirements, and this requirement limits our convenience.

Therefore, which server domain name filing is faster may be a competitive advantage for cloud server manufacturers to acquire customers.

Website building

Domain name filing and website construction can be synchronized, because the domain name filing time is too long, especially if the registered address is changed or the office is relocated, it will bring other impacts, which leads us to change the filing subject first, and then carry out the filing. There are many awkwardnesses. , so, you can only save as much time as possible by synchronizing operations.

Website optimization

米国生活After the website is built, it is necessary to optimize the website to make the website stand out among millions of websites every year.And website optimization is directly related to the quality of website construction, whether your structure is good or not, whether your speed is fast, whether your page design logic and elements are attractive, and so on.

So, if you are ready to do website optimization, then the best way is to find someone who can do website optimization.SEO consultantParticipate in website construction, so that the website will double the marketing effect. Otherwise, the exhausted SEO engineer will not be able to achieve good results, and the cost, potential value and opportunity cost of website construction will be wasted.

Website operation

The website also needs to continuously input new information in order to be liked by search engines, so we need to keep inputting information on the website, so as to ensure that the website’s ranking, traffic, and weight can be improved, and business growth can be achieved.

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