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Brand word optimization - how to make brand information appear first on the homepage

Brand word optimization is the countryBrandsUnder the strategy, the importance of the brand has been realized by the majority of enterprises, but it is not easy to do a good job of the brand. The operating cost of the brand and the cost of survival in the current business environment are relatively high. To compete in marketing methods, it is also necessary to compete with unbranded ones on price, and it is also necessary to stick to the original intention of the brand and maintain the reputation of the brand.

Start-up brand optimization

Start-up brand optimization may only have one LOGO, one trademark, which is packaged on the product, or posted in the office, or displayed with text and pictures in the process of community marketing, etc. People always want to be able to rely on Therefore, search for information about the brand through online channels. If there is no information about the brand, then the brand is too unknown, and I don’t know how to do it. If you can find the following information:

  • Brand Concept
  • Years in which the brand was founded with length
  • Part of the brand's third-party word of mouth

Then it is easy for customers to trust you and continue with business communication.

Brand word homepage optimization-Kati-Critina-Brand homepage 1

Growth Brand Optimization

A growing brand already has a certain scale of users. At this time, the brand will increase its brand voice according to its own expansion needs. At the same time, it must maintain the brand reputation and enhance the brand reputation, so that the brand can increase the brand's conversion rate while expanding its promotion. , this process can be expressed with a sales funnel.

BOOSEO-4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand marketing funnel-SEO

In the process of growing brand optimization, the problem often encountered is negative, and negative control of the brand is required.Growth brands not only have an expanding user scale, but also have industry reputation, and competitors will pay attention, and competitors will begin to criticize or question or even attack and criticize people's faults.

The control of negative public opinion requires a professional team with sufficient experience and theory to deal with negative public opinion, as well as symptomatic tools and methods.米国生活The management method of dealing with negative public opinion is quite mature, whether it is Baidu search engine or Google search engine, it is equally effective.

米国生活-Brand Marketing-Public Opinion Monitoring Process Improvement

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