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Website keyword optimization suggestions

Keyword optimization refers to the optimization of the keywords in the website and the layout to achieve the effect of optimizing the ranking of the website.Occupy a favorable position in the ranking of relevant keywords in search engines.In foreign countries, SEO is already a relatively mature industry, while in China it is still in its infancy and development stage.

It can be explained from the narrow sense and the broad sense. The narrow sense of website optimization technology, that is, search engine optimization, is to make the website design suitable for search engine retrieval and meet the index of search engine ranking, so as to obtain top ranking in search engine retrieval. Enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

The factors considered in generalized website optimization are not only search engines, but also fully meet the needs and characteristics of users, clear website navigation, and complete online help. On this basis, website functions and information can be brought into full play.That is, based on the corporate website, it establishes a good relationship with various factors in the network marketing environment such as network service providers (such as search engines, etc.), partners, customers, suppliers, and sellers.

The purpose of keyword ranking optimization

XNUMX. It can attract potential customers on various search engines to find your website more easily, and cooperate with enterprises through understanding, and enterprises can make profits from them.

Second, let the search engine bring more traffic to the website, in order to improve the company's performance, attract investors or acquirers, so as to achieve the optimization of network marketing and improve the exposure rate of the website.

XNUMX. Improve the visibility and influence of the corporate brand through the traffic of search engines.

XNUMX. I hope to recommend the company's products to visitors through search engines, show the highlights of the products, and attract more potential customers. If you want to get the benefits, of course, the keyword ranking is in the bright spot. Traffic, with traffic, can improve the visibility of the company, and the company can of course achieve the optimization of marketing when it has a well-known reputation.

Key Optimization Difficulty Factors

1. Observe Baidu Index

If you don't know what Baidu Index is, don't read the following content first, let's understand the basic knowledge first!Observing the Baidu Index is actually the simplest and most general way of judging, because theoretically, the words with larger search volume will definitely bring more IPs to the website, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of people who optimize the keyword. This invisibly increases the intensity of competition.There are only ten places on the homepage, and the difficulty of crowding 100 places for 10 people is definitely different from that for 1 people.

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2. Observe the number of Baidu’s inclusions

In fact, this is the same as observing the essence of Baidu Index. It is analyzed through these considerable data, and the difficulty of optimization is judged by the number of competitors that may exist when optimizing this keyword.However, judging the degree of difficulty from the number of pages included is obviously no more reasonable than judging from the Baidu index, because the number of included pages may only be because there is more information about the keyword, rather than there are many such websites, since they are not peers. , of course not a competitor.

Chapter XNUMX: How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

3. Observe the number of websites that Baidu bids on or promotes

Although there is no direct connection between bidding and optimization, think carefully, why are there so many websites bidding for this word? No doubt because the word has higher commercial value. Since the commercial value is higher, there will inevitably be more If people participate in it, of course, there will be more websites of your peers, so your competitors are also increasing. Of course, nothing is absolute. The above three points are only relative terms and are analyzed in general terms.

4. Observe website weight

The previous three points can actually be summarized into one point, that is, by analyzing some objective data to understand the number of competitors, so as to judge the difficulty of the keyword.In other words, these three points are the results of data analysis, and the data are often not very accurate, which makes the above three points not XNUMX% feasible.When it is impossible to judge the difficulty of optimizing a keyword from the above three points, you should search for the keyword on the search engine and analyze the ranking of the ten pages on the homepage.However, such a method is really difficult to express clearly in language, and only a few extreme cases can be mentioned.

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5. Use tools and expert judgment

The specific method is omitted. For related methods, please refer toWhat brand marketing solution is Brand Funnel BOO?

  • Based on the age of the domain name;
  • keyword search results;
  • Baidu index analysis;
  • Competitor website analysis:
  • the domain age of the website;
  • The number of external links included in the website;
  • The quality of website content articles.

Keyword boosting steps

In theory, it is very simple to improve your website keywords, just follow the following four steps to achieve.For example, I want to improve the ranking of the keyword "public opinion suppression".

1. The title title on the homepage of the website should contain the keyword "public opinion suppression", and the further forward the position, the better.

2. On the homepage of the website, the keyword "public opinion suppression" should appear more, and the keyword density should be 2%-8%.

3. Exchange high-quality links with high-quality websites, preferably with "public opinion suppression" in the title of the link.The form of the link is preferably a one-way link, which can be achieved by means of cross-linking.

4. In addition to exchanging links, you can also leave external links in some high-weight forums and blogs.For example, if you push a forum, you can leave an external link in the forum signature.

5. In addition to the construction of external links, the above methods can also be used to increase internal links on the relevant channels or content pages of this site.

6. Insist on updating original articles on the website every day to create valuable content information.User experience is very important!

SEO optimization considerations

1. Remember to modify meta tags frequently

For search engines, it is unacceptable for sites to frequently modify meta tags. Among them, the most important thing is to modify the title and description frequently.When you have to modify it, you must follow the rules to reduce the impact on the current website.

2. Copy and paste of content updates and even slow updates

Copy and paste of content updates, it is not recommended to collect other people's websites.Don't look at some websites that rank very high, but the content, style, quality of their websites, whether they have a record or not, and whether they are in China should be compared. You can adopt other people's methods, and you can't even accept other people's methods. Therefore, it is more valuable to conduct research on peers.

3. Relevant adjustments within the site

Now it is popular in China to build a website first, then do SEO, and then revise the website when doing SEO. If the website is not for optimization, then don't do SEO. If the website is for optimization, then find the SEO team first.

4. Exchange of Affiliate Links

Links generally follow the principle of matching each other. Affiliate Links of SEO Those Things Are Perfectly Matched

5. Construction of external chain

The construction of external links is one of the key points of SEO "inside the site is king, and outside the site is king".To master the skills of external link building, you need to understand the role and operation methods of external links.

6. Arbitrary group sending

Mass distribution of tools, tool-based products are more and more banned. For example, many B2Bs used to be able to distribute in groups, but now it is difficult to distribute them in groups after real-name + verification code.

8. Update rules

It should be updated at least, 1 to 5 articles per day and 1 to 5 articles per week.There are millions of articles every day.

9. Persistence and execution

SEO is continuous work, so the SEO industry is not going away.

10. Don't update for update's sake, don't seo for seo's sake.

11. No resources

Looking for resources, if you have no resources, it is a good way to study peer sites.

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