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Three ways to solve the problem of Baidu's double inclusion - the latter two are more effective

The phenomenon of Baidu's double-inclusion and the consultation to solve the problem of double-inclusion are not uncommon. However, it still cannot effectively solve the problem of inclusion. How to really solve the problem of dual-inclusion? This article proposes three methods. The latter two are more effective and will definitely help you solve it effectively. The problem of double inclusion can realize the centralized power of the website and improve the ranking.

What is Baidu Double Inclusion?

Baidu double inclusion generally means that Baidu includes both @ (the root domain name without www) and subdomains of www.

For example, and are both included by Baidu, but in fact, these are one website for users and two websites for search engines. copies, and was included twice and divided.

The reason for the double entry

First of all, if we do not parse the two domain names with www and without www at the same time, there will be no double inclusion.

So, why do we have to resolve two domain names? It is just to let users remember the domain name and automatically jump to our target domain name when entering the domain name. Of course, some like to have www, and some like to have no www. It is because of this inconsistency that we technically hope to achieve the unification of the two.

Secondly, after parsing the two domain names, we are not finished yet. We resolve both domain names to the same server and the same website program. In this way, these are two websites.You can even resolve countless domain names on this server website program. This operation makes Baidu double-included, and it is normal to include multiple domains.

Three ways to solve double entry

Then, we want to find a solution. The first solution is a common one, and it is also a pseudo-solution. Generally, it cannot be solved, but it is a well-known solution.

301. XNUMX jump

This is really a good way. Whether 301 jumps from @ to www or from www to @, the jump does happen.However, 301 did not solve the problem of double inclusion, Baidu is still as you wish.Then, people started to criticize the Baidu search engine. I didn't stop it, but it didn't solve the problem.

So, we have the second and third solutions.Start from the cause, stop the phenomenon of the actual existence of the website, stop parsing the application program on the server, and realize the jump through other methods, and the jump is a pure jump, and there is no side effect of recording.


We often see many websites, or large enterprises, advertising by promoting subdomains and other domain names, and finally jumping to the landing page. We have seen, Tencent, and Alibaba do this.

Using the same principle, we use one of the two domain names for resolution, CNAME to the OSS domain name, and jump through the OSS configuration.For the effect, please refer to You can visit it from the browser. In fact, this configuration can be very flexible, and you can jump to any URL with any domain name.

XNUMX. Explicit URL Jump

Not all domain name providers provide explicit URL redirection resolution methods, but if there are, this method of operation is the simplest among the three methods, and the redirection efficiency is relatively higher.

By parsing @explicit URLs to www, or by parsing www explicit URLs to @

Explicit URL resolution means that the naked eye can see that the redirected domain name has changed. Compared with invisible URL resolution, it means that the website application actually redirects, but the domain name does not change. You can't see the redirection behind it.

So, generally speaking, what we want is an explicit URL jump.米国生活The official website takes this approach.

The fourth way: general analysis, you try it first.

In the end, our solution to double inclusion is actually solving the problem of jumping. We adopted an incorrect solution for jumping, and the double recording problem occurred. We changed the way of jumping and realized green jumping. is the crux of the matter.

Question: How much of the way we learn from others is wrong?

Q: After we found the bug (side effect), how many people thought about the source of the problem?

ask:米国生活Have you learned how to solve the fundamental problem?

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