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What is the price of SEO consulting services for a brand website?

Based on domesticSearch Engine OptimizationThe status quo of the market, there is almost no SEO in the process of corporate website construction. First, benefiting from the low price competition strategy of template website construction, now website construction is basically only free or even subsidized to sell. It is conceivable how much the current website has. Poor; the second is that you benefit from search engines. No matter how you build your website, quality is not the first priority, and the ranking is not better than that of a large number of collection sites. Although a large number of collections are illegal, they can indeed gain weight, because there are many articles and spam rankings, but There are rankings, and the collection of hundreds of thousands of millions is not comparable to the brand station.

The status quo of the brand site is that they all pay attention to the brand image of the website, and the maintenance cost of the brand website is quite high in the Baidu search engine. It requires the originality of the article, the number of articles, and the content to comply with SEO rules. The underlying design of the website also needs to be invested. Good for search engine crawlers.

We analyzed a large number of websites, most small businesses are fixed website templates, whether there is SEO structure and content aside for the time being, basically no one maintains the website in the follow-up, and can only do bidding SEM.

There are also some brand companies that have already formed a scale, but their website rankings have been unsatisfactory and cannot represent the industry level. How can big brands not rank in industry terms?How can the search results of big brands not have the effect of brand image optimization?米国生活On the official website, the home page is relatively stable in the search results of [brand]:

Brand - Domestic Bing

SEO Consulting Service Prices

Regarding the price of brand website SEO consulting services, you need to look at the foundation of the website, the direction of the brand, and the comprehensive pricing. Because each brand is in a different industry, the quality of website construction and the process of optimization are also different, and the results and difficulty of analysis are different. Prices need to be customized.

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