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How can Baidu's latest relevant information come out to spread the brand's voice?

When we use the Baidu search engine to search for a certain keyword or a certain brand word, we often see that some big brands and focused brand words can generate the latest Baidu related information (previously called the latest related news), which are all recent news reports. But not every word can generate such news information, and there are certain rules/algorithms for its generation.

BMW latest information

What is the latest relevant information?

The latest relevant information is a focused display composed of news with key words of brand words/industry words as the core content.Its composition is a sequence combination of Baidu news sources (such as Baidu Baijiahao articles), recent information (expired or de-duplicated), and other algorithms to achieve a certain volume of sound.

How is the latest relevant information generated?

The method of generating keywords of the latest relevant information is generally judged/controlled by Baidu algorithm, but there are also certain rules to follow, namely:

  • Continually publish news articles
  • The rhythm of mass-publishing news articles may affect Baidu's judgment on its frequency requirements
  • Broad, attribute-appropriate media dissemination of different articles
  • Continuous optimization-米国生活Brand SEO

What is the reason for the disappearance of the latest relevant information?

At the beginning, there was no latest relevant information.米国生活After optimizing it, the customer felt that he had found a pattern and changed the service provider with a good relationship, but the result was always a problem.米国生活After the timeliness of the previous SEO optimization resources decreased, the inertia of their SEO optimization gradually decreased, and many optimization items disappeared.Of course, it is still possible to recover with increased efforts to optimize.

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