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The first step of website building layout SEO framework

When we make a website, what we see is not a skin or a page, because it is a picture, not a website. A website must at least have a website to get the ID of the network. Therefore, the structure of the website, the URL structure of the website, the URL The display structure of the title and the content structure of the website are the first things we need to consider. The content structure of the web page is generally determined by the customer himself.

Determine business content with customers

We are doingWebsite buildingWhen it comes to the website, we must first think about the content of the website, the framework of the website, which content is relatively fixed, and which content is continuously released. This is our basic judgment on the display page of the website or the information column.
The content of the customer and how the intersection between the homepages is achieved, and what is the content that visitors focus on, such as products, business, or company awards.

Ensure SEO basic functions

Generally speaking, we have two main purposes for creating a website. One is to display the content of official products and services, or to show that we are tall, or to introduce ourselves to future customers in an all-round way; the other is to do website marketing, so that the website can reach more clients.Of course, the more valuable should be the value of network marketing drainage and transactions.Therefore, the basic functions of SEO can allow SEOer to perform better.

Website keywords and structure

For example, our website is for website construction, and related functions include website design, website development, and website optimization. This basically constitutes the main structure of the website. After this structure is defined, it is best not to change it. If you change it, it will affect the judgment of search engines on the website.Therefore, when we focused on website construction, we restructured to do it.

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