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SEO search optimization method, yes米国生活Optimization ideas and methods provided free of charge to the market. SEO is produced with the development of the Internet, and will disappear with the disappearance of the Internet. The Internet is still flourishing in the + era, foreign SEO technical standards, SEO environment is clean, SEO staff job promotion channels are diversified, and they can be marketing managers. , director, vice president, and domestic SEO has always been the lowest level of practitioners, but the SEO industry has not disappeared, because the Internet exists, SEO needs exist.This page will introduce to you how to use SEO to increase the intangible assets of enterprises in the market and brand public opinion from SEO technology, SEO market application, SEO cases, and SEO adaptive competition.

SEO search optimization needs scenarios

SEO Search Optimization Methods : Homepage ranking of keywords such as brand, Beijing SEO company, brand marketing, overseas marketing, public opinion suppression, brand planning company, brand marketing planning, etc.

Website optimization

Obtain brand exposure and website ranking through keywords, long-tail keywords, product words, and question words, and improve the opportunity and frequency of website communication with customers in search engines.

Brand SEO

Through the optimization of brand words, more information of the brand is displayed on the brand words, and the information transmitted by the brand to the outside world is fully displayed.At the same time, monitor brand public opinion and influence consumer awareness.

business optimization

Through the analysis of brand words and business words, business words are reversed to brand words to form traffic branding.

Keyword Research - Theory of Long Tail Words

SEO search optimization method Industry knowledge

This chapter provides an introduction to SEO extension applications. SEO is both a technology and an art. SEO can do website optimization, brand optimization, and brand operation process improvement and optimization through negative information on the Internet.

SEO related basic concepts

The index volume refers to the website database that can be searched by search users. The index volume tool also supports the site to customize the directory it wants to pay attention to, and view the index volume under a directory rule; the index volume is not equal to the traffic, and the index volume will fluctuate regularly. , is a normal phenomenon.

What is the index of search engine?

Paid SSL certificate - index volume increased by 2+ after https update

Chapter XNUMX: How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

The webmaster tool is an essential tool for webmasters.Frequently visit the webmaster tool to understand the changes in SEO data.It can also detect dead links, spider visits, HTML format detection, website speed test, friendship link check, website domain name IP query, PR, weight query, alexa, whois query, and so on.

Some tools used by webmasters to help query and create website quality when building a website, referred to as webmaster tools.There are mainly web-based toolboxes, flash-based toolboxes, terminal-based toolboxes, and webmaster tools on WeChat.Commonly used webmaster tools are: link checking tool, PR query tool, search engine index query tool, keyword ranking query tool, website traffic statistics, etc.

Search Engine SEO Optimization Basics - Webmaster Tools Configuration Steps

What are the popular webmaster tools for SEO technical optimization?

SEOer: Shenma-Sogou-Baidu-360 webmaster tools comparison

A dead link means that the address of the server has changed.Unable to find the current address location, including two forms of protocol dead link and content dead link.The reason for the dead link is that the website server is set incorrectly; the name of a folder is changed, the wrong path link becomes a dead link, etc.

How to check, update and submit dead links to search engines?

Sitemaps allow webmasters to inform search engines which pages on their site are available for crawling.In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs in the site and other metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it changed, how important it is relative to other URLs on the site, etc.) , so that search engines can crawl your site more intelligently.

Chapter XNUMX: How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

Google SEO Optimization Reference [SEO Terms and Meanings]

The heading tag is also called the H tag. There are six heading tags in the HTML language. It is a tag that emphasizes the text title in the html of the web page. , ,arriveThe six tags of different text sizes that define the title header are essentially to present the content structure.There are six pairs in total, the characters are from large to small, and the importance decreases accordingly, that is, the weight decreases in turn.

How to use the Head tag of web SEO correctly

TDK is an abbreviation, page description and keyword settings in seo pages.

Among them, "T" represents the title element in the page header, and word segmentation technology may also be used here. When the title (Title) is written, we will try not to modify it as much as possible, try to be as concise as possible, and try not to add meaningless words. In the title, avoid interfering with the search engine's identification of the website theme (the title is within XNUMX words).

Among them, "D" represents the description element in the page header. You must know that the description is an overview of the web page and a supplement to the title. Because only a limited number of words can be written in the title, it is necessary to add a little more detail in the description. Generally, one or two sentences are used to summarize the content of the article. The content should be concise, but the number of times should not exceed 4 times. 3 times is the best, and it must be natural.

Among them, "U" stands for URL, and it is very important for the keyword to appear in the URL in international search engines and English search engines.

Among them, "K" represents the keywords element in the page header, and the main keywords in the page are extracted, and the number is controlled within three to six.Find ways to get the primary keyword to appear.

Title, description, and keywords are also known as three tags in the seo world, but米国生活Look at the TDU, the important order is: UTD, TUD.

Status quo: Since Google canceled the K tag, Baidu has followed suit, because everyone can write keywords and know which keywords they want to rank for. This competition is indistinguishable, so only TD is left to modify the skills. .

Modify the title of the website - whether the title has an impact on the Baidu ranking of the website

What are the Baidu search page title specifications that SEOers need to master?

Website structure optimization

Keyword optimization refers to the optimization of the keywords in the website and the layout to achieve the effect of optimizing the ranking of the website.Occupy a favorable position in the ranking of relevant keywords in search engines.In foreign countries, SEO is already a relatively mature industry, while in China it is still in its infancy and development stage.

It can be explained from the narrow sense and the broad sense. The narrow sense of website optimization technology, that is, search engine optimization, is to make the website design suitable for search engine retrieval and meet the index of search engine ranking, so as to obtain top ranking in search engine retrieval. Enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

The factors considered in generalized website optimization are not only search engines, but also fully meet the needs and characteristics of users, clear website navigation, and complete online help. On this basis, website functions and information can be brought into full play.That is, based on the corporate website, it establishes a good relationship with various factors in the network marketing environment such as network service providers (such as search engines, etc.), partners, customers, suppliers, and sellers.

Website keyword optimization suggestions

There are several meta tags in the html coding of web pages: Title Tag, Description Tag, Keywords Tag, Publisher Tag, Copyright Tag, Robots Tag and so on.Use TAG tags to make your published articles more searchable. TAG tags are keywords defined by yourself, more accurate and specific than categories, and can summarize the main content of the article.

What are TAG tags for?By customizing tags for articles, article authors can allow more people to find their articles more conveniently and accurately; and readers can find articles they are interested in more quickly through article tags.You can add one or more tags to each article. After successful publication, you can open the tags in the article and see all the articles on the website that have the same tags as you.Not only that, but if a tag used in your article happens to be featured on the homepage, users will see your article on the results page when they open the tag.

Get the tag ID and alias of the current tag page of the website CMS

100% SEO hit rate - the core idea of ​​SEO optimization!

Website directory refers to the classification of websites for the convenience of visitors or managers.The directory of a website is one of the basic structures of a website.

What are the benefits of submitting my website to other website directories for our site?

  • One: From the point of view of SEO, the backlink from the classified directory is undoubtedly a high-quality backlink, which can greatly improve the weight of the site.
  • Two: With the help of classified directory sites, we can increase the exposure of our site and build our site's online brand.

Steps to quickly create a website based on the website SEO framework

What are the basic steps to optimize website ranking?

Uniform resource locator (URL) is a representation method used to specify the location of information on the World Wide Web service program of the Internet.It was originally invented by Tim Berners-Lee as an address for the World Wide Web.

Just as there are many ways to access resources, there are several ways to locate resources. The general syntax of URLs simply provides a framework for building new schemes using protocols, other than those already defined in this document, of course. A URL locates a resource by providing an abstract identifier for the location of the resource.After the system locates a resource, it may perform various operations on it. These operations can be abstracted into the following words: access, update, replace, and discover attributes.In general, only the access method item needs to be described in any URL scheme. (wordpress also made GUIDs for the CMS site, which is very smart)

URLs are usually written as follows: <scheme>:<scheme description part>

A URL contains the name of the scheme it uses (<scheme>), followed by a colon, and then a string (<scheme description section>), the interpretation of which is determined by the scheme used.The scheme name consists of a string of characters.Lowercase "a" - "z", numbers, characters plus sign ("+"), period (".") and hyphen ("-") are all fine.For convenience, programs should treat the uppercase and lowercase letters of the scheme name the same when interpreting URLs. (Example: Treat "HTTP" the same as "http").

Regular expression URL submission search engine PC and mobile adaptation rules

URL choose absolute or relative path in website internal link building?

HTTPS (full name: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over SecureSocket Layer) is a secure HTTP channel, which ensures the security of the transmission process through transmission encryption and authentication on the basis of HTTP [1]. HTTPS adds SSL on the basis of HTTP. The security basis of HTTPS is SSL, so the encrypted details require SSL. HTTPS has a different default port than HTTP and an encryption/authentication layer (between HTTP and TCP).This system provides authentication and encrypted communication methods.It is widely used for security-sensitive communications on the World Wide Web, such as transactions and payments.

Website HTTPS Setup SSL - Free HTTPS Purchase Configuration

How to add a security lock to a website https

After the website opens https, the picture is still http by default

Website Speed ​​Optimization

The full name of CDN is Content Delivery Network, that is, Content Delivery Network. CDN is an intelligent virtual network built on the basis of the existing network, relying on edge servers deployed in various places, through the load balancing, content distribution, scheduling and other functional modules of the central platform, so that users can obtain the desired content nearby, reducing network congestion, Improve user access response speed and hit rate. The key technologies of CDN mainly include content storage and distribution technology.

How to double the speed through Baidu Cloud CDN?

Does enabling CDN, reverse proxy, and Gzip affect Baidu's inclusion?

SEO search optimization technology classification

This chapter provides common technical explanations in the SEO market. It is said that black cats and white cats are good cats if they can catch mice, but they can't imagine once and for all for the sake of temporary happiness.

White hat technique (recommended)

Carry out a series of operations according to the concept of SEO, without machine/server, purely natural optimization.Even if it is a click, it is the SEOer who searches and clicks by himself.

Quick sort technology

According to the attribute of click promotion in the search engine algorithm, machine/server simulation is used to perform keyword ranking clicks without manual clicks. (Not recommended, but the market is messy.)

SEO Pyramid - SEO Optimization Guidance Method - SEO Search Optimization - Brand Optimization
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