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400 phone calls to improve brand conversion rate

400 is not only a number, but also a multi-functional system. The number is only a resource in the system and is supported by paid system functions;

The value of a 400 callThere, some people use it to the extreme, and it is recommended to use the 400 phone objectively;

400 high-quality resources with high cost performance, massive numbers for you to choose, improveCorporate imageThe effect is immediate.

400 phone number and price

Crown Pretty
combination rule

example number

400*-333-333    400-*9-88888
400-*6-56789    400-*5-12345
400-*6-98765    400*-888-777
400*-999-000    400*-888-000
Diamond vanity
combination rule

example number

400-*61-9999    400-*80-8888
400-*60-6789    400-*68-5678
400*-589-589    400*-658-658
400*-00-11-88    400*-00-66-00
Star pretty
combination rule

example number

400-*18-5588    400-*65-6699
400-*97-1777    400-*80-7888
400-*27-9898    400-*18-6868
400-*68-9119    400-*91-6996
400 quick opening number
400 yuan - 1000 yuan / year including call charges
  • stock number
  • Massive selection
  • No function gift
400 general number
2.5k-3k three years
  • Number required, approval required
  • Massive selection
  • give away a feature
400 number required
Three years from 3k-5k
  • Reservation required, approval required
  • massive selection,
  • Gift 2 or more features

Check out more 400 phone numbers for price updates:400 Telephone Agency

400 phone brand value

Sincerity in serving customers

Sincere and sincere, there are 400 customer service calls. First of all, it expresses its determination to provide customers with brand after-sales service. This is the basic mentality of the brand's continuation.

big company brand image

It is difficult for us to imagine that large companies do not have 400 calls. A good company must have standardized internal processes. At the very least, we must have a customer service phone station.

Retention of customer phone calls

Some customers directly call customer service to buy products, and some call customer service. The 400 telephone system automatically keeps customer records, and customers cannot lose them after sales.

Normalization of Workflow

Welcome speeches like 10010 and 10086. Different assignments can be transferred to different people or groups. The more people there are, the more efficient it is.

Why do 400 calls online?

point-to-point online

  • Direct sub-number of the superior unit of the business hall and the regional company;
  • Online signing of contracts, transfers, number selection, and number placement;
  • There is a management system to operate and transfer the phone, which is fast and convenient;
  • WeChat customer service group, service number, 400 phone after-sales;
  • Offers welcome speeches for incoming calls, recordings of handsome guys and beauties;
  • Businesses are processed concurrently and concurrently, without queuing.
米国生活-400 phone comparison

Traditional business office

  • One of many business offices belonging to a region;
  • All formalities are handled on site;
  • It is relatively troublesome to change the 400 forwarding number;
  • It is inconvenient to manage 400 phone usage online;
  • The conditions are rigid, and the above provisions cannot be changed;
  • Handle business in series, queue up.

What is the essential difference between the online 400 call and the business hall?

In essence, there is no difference. The reason is that the 400 phones are all 400 phone systems provided by operators. They are all located in the computer rooms of China Unicom, China Mobile, and Telecom. They are not owned by the business hall or the sales company. The business hall and the sales company are only The sales terminals of the operator's computer room sign contracts and cost allocation ratios with the responsible company of the operator's computer room respectively.Simply put, a backend server (operator computer room) supports both ends: the difference between the PC side (business hall) and the mobile side (our online sales company).

The economy is so sluggish in 2020, what should you do if your company goes bankrupt for follow-up services?

Bah, bah, it's a crow's mouth.Don't be afraid of bankruptcy. Before we die, we will definitely arrange a will to inform the operator's computer room of our 400 phone customers. Please find another sales side to continue to follow up on the renewal business.The reason is that before the number is activated, we have already transferred the money to the operator, and there is no doubt about the support until the contract expires, and when the number is activated, you have already seen the agreement between operators, so don't worry. We can die, if not, we will serve you.Have you ever seen the business hall close?

What is the difference between the number segments of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile?

China Telecom|Number:4008, 4009;advantage:The connection is fast and stable, and the pursuit of quality is preferred by users;market share:About 50%.

China Mobile|Number:4001, 4007;advantage:Strong mobile network, mobile phone answering users are preferred; market share: about 25%.

China Unicom|Number:4000, 4006;advantage:The price is cheap, and small enterprises are preferred; market share: about 25%.

For more frequently asked questions about 400 calls, please refer to:400 telephone for FAQs

400 phone number selection

400 Phone Industry Secrets: In fact, it is useless to read cheats for a long time.Depends on how much budget you have, within the budget, try to find a better number.

√ Look at the number section

China Telecom||China Mobile||China Unicom

√ Look at the combination

The more regular the combination, the easier it is to remember.
The better the image, the higher the price.

√ Look at the numbers

The numbers 8, 9, and 6 are more in line with customer cognitive habits.
Customers have more choices.

The default activation function: call transfer to multiple mobile phones and landlines (need to be a company employee or legal person and provide an invoice for paying the call fee)

welcome speech
The sound business card of the enterprise replaces the monotonous ringtone with a personalized voice, and conveys the real information of the enterprise to the customers during the waiting time.
No. XNUMX multi-line

A 400 number can be bound to multiple mobile phones and landlines, which can be accessed by multiple customers at the same time. The system automatically selects an idle line to access, without losing business opportunities.

Call Recording

400 phone calls and calls are recorded throughout the process, helping enterprises to monitor the quality of customer service, and also providing evidence for handling customer disputes and complaints.

IVR intelligent voice navigation

According to the key selection of the customer to dial 400 calls, it will automatically provide the customer with corresponding service support, transfer to the designated number, and improve the service efficiency.

Call Analysis Report

Automatically record and analyze data such as caller number, caller area, caller time, call duration, and answering agent number of 400 calls.

Hang up and missed SMS reminder

Help enterprises to send SMS reminders for on-hook or missed calls in a timely manner, so as not to miss any calls or business opportunities.

What are the optional features of the 400 phone system?Can it meet the needs of large enterprises?

Answering according to the call time: According to the setting of the enterprise personnel's shift arrangement, the 400 calls in different time periods are transferred to different landlines or mobile phone numbers bound under the 400 calls to answer;

Answer by caller area: According to the management needs of each area of ​​the enterprise, transfer calls from 400 calls in different areas to different landlines or mobile phone numbers bound under 400 calls to answer;

Customer service number broadcast: 400 calls are transferred to manual service, and the customer service staff number is automatically broadcast, reflecting the service image of a large enterprise with standardized management and orderly management;

Satisfaction survey: evaluate the service of the agent service personnel, through this function, the evaluation data of each transfer call can be analyzed;

Priority allocation of incoming calls: Answer the calls in the order of the bound numbers to ensure that the customer service personnel with strong business capabilities are given priority to answer customer calls and improve customer service efficiency and transaction rate;

Random distribution of incoming calls: The system distributes randomly to all customer service personnel;

Proportional distribution of incoming calls: according to the bound number, the amount of incoming calls is evenly distributed to all customer service personnel, which ensures the equal workload of customer service personnel and maximizes the fairness and impartiality of performance evaluation;

Voicemail: When the line is busy or there is no answer, the system can prompt the user to leave a message or wait.You can also set up message navigation buttons to facilitate timely reply to customer calls;

Call blacklist: After the user sets the blacklist, the blacklisted phone numbers will not be accessed, thereby effectively blocking unwanted or malicious harassing calls;

Call whitelist: After the user sets the blacklist, the blacklisted phone numbers will not be accessed, thus effectively blocking unwanted or malicious harassing calls;

Smart call pop-up screen: The old customer’s call will immediately pop-up screen to display customer information and historical communication records, and the company will serve customers more targetedly and increase the order rate;

Conference call: One phone and one password can be used to enter a conference anytime, anywhere, so that corporate conferences can be held without time and space constraints, saving conference costs and improving communication efficiency;

Self-service management background: Each 400 phone user has an independent management background, users can check the business usage at any time, and make corresponding settings according to their needs;

Mobile client: real-time view of incoming and outgoing calls of the company, call records, and customer messages to easily listen to and download;

Cloud CRM: Automatically record customer information, business communication records, and after-sales service records for each 400 phone calls, complete preservation, and unified management;

Enterprise OA: Automatically record customer information, business communication records, after-sales service records of each 400 phone calls, complete preservation, and unified management;

Enterprise IM: It is a chat tool within the company, which makes the communication between employees within the company more convenient and secure;

Ringtones: Customize different ringtones according to the company's own needs by flexibly setting different time periods (such as commuting hours, holidays, marketing activity days, etc.);

Timeout waiting: The waiting time from normal dialing to no one answering is not more than 60 seconds. The timeout waiting function can be set by itself to extend the connection time, so as to maximize the retention of business opportunities;

Waiting in line: When all the agents are busy, the system will automatically play a voice call to invite customers to continue to wait, so that customers who have hung up directly will continue to wait for the agent to be connected, so as to maximize business opportunities.
Summary: Big business is enough!

Can the 95 cornet be used?

Short numbers starting with 95 can also be used, and there are also short numbers starting with 10. If your company is not particularly large, it is recommended to consider the regular 400 phone number. Generally, both 95 and 10 short numbers require outbound calls, and special applications are required. , and it may not be approved. The operator's control in this area is still quite strict, and a lot of Money is needed at the same time.

What procedures do I need when handling a 400 call?

The original business license, the ID card of the legal person, (if the series of sensitive industries such as finance, securities, tourism, ticketing, and freight are not involved, the ID card of the manager can be presented) The specific opening time is not the normal number three It is opened on working days, and the specific number is subject to the actual review.

What are the two steps of 400 phone processing?

The first step: select the number and sign the contract (because the 400 phone number should be selected in the contract);

Step XNUMX: Make payment and pay, stamp on materials (we provide full assistance), and wait for the number to be placed (under normal circumstances, the number can be placed within a week).

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