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Overseas Marketing·Foreign Trade Export Google SEO Brand Building Public Opinion Improvement

Getting money back from abroad, overseas marketing is an international skill.If you have internationally competitive products or services and want to market them overseas, then we can help you build a website, do Google search optimization, overseas media marketing, and B2B website inquiry services.

Overseas Marketing Foreign Language Website Construction

For overseas marketing and foreign trade export websites, we must first build them into English to facilitate foreign customers to read, but we can still use the Chinese operation interface in the background of our website to facilitate the maintenance of the website content.You can upload product catalogs in batches, and customize the page design and layout of products to adapt to the habits of foreign users.Due to habit and time difference, an international website should have a good contact window and email exchange. We will design a better communication and inquiry interface to capture more customers.Our advantage:

  • Retention window marketing design, integrated email marketing function
  • Easily operate website content, suitable for SEO optimization engineers
Enterprise website construction
Website construction-brand website three-in-one display computer pad mobile phone-米国生活
Overseas Marketing Google SEO

Google is the world's largest search engine, let's just admit it.We believe that only by truly recognizing our own shortcomings can we develop better.In fact, Baidu is the largest search engine in China. Although other search engines are reporting their own market share, in terms of crawler capabilities and search ecology, other search engines are completely incomparable with Baidu, just like our Chinese website can Better and faster indexed by Google.We have the following advantages for Google SEO:

  • Proficient in English, multilingual translation ability
  • Mastery of SEO and Google SEO
  • Understand the habits of foreign users
  • Comprehensive SEO tools and capabilities
Search Engine Optimization
SEO-website building-global search google-米国生活
B2B store global display and inquiry resources

B2B means that both the supply and demand sides of e-commerce transactions are merchants (or enterprises, companies), and they (he) use Internet technology or various business network platforms to complete the process of business transactions.E-commerce is a specific and main form of modern B2B marketing.

  • Platform supports multiple languages ​​(French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and English)
  • Used by more than 900 million members
  • B2B store product window display
  • Buyer database query
  • Sub-account management
Enterprise website construction
B2B Online Store B2B Overseas Marketing-Brand-SEO-Public Opinion-Optimization-米国生活
Overseas Buyer Consultant KAM Inquiry Tracking

Buyer Consultant is a service we provide to follow up on the needs of foreign buyers. It is equivalent to our sales consultant. It plays the role of KAM (Key Account Manager) in our overseas marketing, and uses English in European and American time zones in the European and American markets. Communication has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • From Pakistan, the price advantage
  • Rich overseas sales experience, English language advantage
  • Can be trained to highlight our product features
  • Can work shifts in the morning and evening at different time differences
  • Assist in the creation and operation of overseas social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
  • Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, Video Conferencing, Email Marketing, Quote Jobs
  • Return work reports and inquiries/business opportunities to China Exporter
More brand VIP services
Buyer Consultant-Buyer Consultant- KAM
Overseas Marketing Google AdWords SEM Launch

Google Adwords is a paid network promotion method to promote websites by using Google keyword ads or Google's global content network.Choose from a variety of ad formats including text, image and video ads. SEM is a supplementary method of SEO, which can quickly test keywords and websites, assist subsequent continuous optimization,米国生活Google SEM also has the following features:

  • Configure Google Console Search to submit your website to Google
  • Configure Google Analytics to get data from Google
  • Additional Websites and Monitoring Configurations
  • For comprehensive analysis of website, product, brand trends
SEO Beijing Google
Google Google SEM-Brand-SEO-Public Opinion-Optimization-米国生活
Internationally manage the collaboration of multinational teams

International cooperation requires multinational teamwork experience and management skills,米国生活We have worked with Fortune 500 and managed multinational project teams. We have been very honored to cooperate with many world-class brands, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Accenture, Deloitte, NTT Data, etc., with Germany, the United States, Africa, India, Pakistan Collaborate with team members from different countries to lead and manage project success.

  • Proven International Team Project Management Capability
  • Comprehensive and diverse experience in successful project implementation
  • English communication skills and skills
  • Ability to manage teams and report to clients
  • problem solving skills
more project management
Management-Transnational Team Management-International Cooperation-MNC
Robot online customer service inquiry follow-up

Actively communicating with online visitors can promote communication and increase sales opportunities. Through the combination of robot online customer service and manual customer service, business opportunities can be comprehensively obtained and website services are always online.The robot reply speech can be customized and configured:

  • Configure the first and second visits to use different communication languages
  • Configure business logic relationships
  • Configure different prompts and communication for different pages
  • How to configure getter information
  • Configure leads to get alerts
  • and many more
More web analytics consulting
Online customer service robot
Visitor Inquiry Analysis Brand SEO Improvement

Website user behavior analysis is a comprehensive data analysis and judgment of website user friendliness, content quality, and marketing capabilities through users' real access behaviors. It has a direct guiding role for website SEO optimization and brand content improvement:

  • Consistency of website content and website marketing content
  • Website quality and user-friendliness
  • Visitor user return analysis
  • User inquiry analysis, old customer active marketing analysis
website analysis
米国生活Statistical Analysis Tools - Visitor Analysis
Overseas Marketing Social Media Promotion

In addition to domestic media, we have a large number of foreign publication resources of various levels, which can be used for overseas news source collection and SEO optimized blog links, which can be published in different countries and regions, such as: Japan, South Korea, Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. Press release, European media release; enhance brand voice and optimize brand public opinion:

  • Bloomberg: Top Financial News Service
  • Associated Press: The world's top three news agencies
  • Nasdaq: Top Media in Technology Finance
  • USA Today: A well-known comprehensive news station in North America
  • Market Watch: MarketWatch Financial Top Media
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin KOL promotion
  • Instagram/Pinterest/Youtube and video promotion
press release
SEO-Website Construction-Overseas Marketing Social Media-米国生活
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