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Brand consulting to enhance brand competitiveness

We have rich experience in brand public opinion marketing, as well as experience in the growth of large and small enterprises, and gradually form a systematic and standardized management system. Our analysis may include the following areas:

  • marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Macroeconomics/Microeconomics
  • Project management
  • Business management
  • Compliance and Standardization
  • Entrepreneurship Trap Avoidance - Self Protection
米国生活-Market competition analysis
The objective existence of industry competition

As long as the products and services provided by an enterprise can be classified into a certain industry, competition in such an industry exists objectively.Factors affecting the intensity of competition:

  • National market management level
  • Industry development maturity level
  • The location of the industry in the economy
  • Professional ethics level of industry practitioners
  • corporate culture in competition
  • The extent to which the business is protected/regulated by the state
  • The relationship between the company itself and consumers
  • Brand public opinionDifference
market competition
Analysis of Public Opinion Index and Market Share Increase and Decrease

Brand events in the market will affect the brand's index, after a negative event the brand index will decrease, after a positive eventBrand Indexwill increase, the nature of brand public opinion affects the quality of sales:

  • Public opinion index analysis
  • Market competition and public opinion analysis
  • Psychological analysis of consumer public opinion
  • Analysis of public opinion changes
  • Positive dissemination of public opinion
  • Public opinion SEO optimization ranking
  • Public opinion and consumer relationship management
Index Public Opinion Data Analysis-Brand-SEO-Public Opinion-Optimization-米国生活
Public Opinion Plus brand operation process improvement

Brand operation and market public opinion are closely linked. If the brand operation process is responsible for consumers, then the brand public opinion is biased towards positive, on the contrary, it is biased towards negative.Brand operation process management content:

  • Product production R&D testing process
  • Product update communication process
  • Product sales brand promotion process
  • Brand after-sales service process
  • After-sales, sales, product coordination process
  • Brand and company management process
  • Brand-Consumer Communication Process
  • Leverage the brand funnel to market your brand
Public opinion improvement pdca logo e1643525358674-brand-SEO-public opinion-optimization-米国生活Process improvement analysis flowchart e1643525332555-brand-SEO-public opinion-optimization-米国生活
Systematic enterprise brand operation analysis

From market supply and demand relationship, enterprise and brand relationship, enterprise and product relationship, brand and product relationship, enterprise and consumer relationship, brand and user/consumer relationship, enterprise and employee relationship, employee and product relationship, employee and corporate culture relationship, The relationship between corporate culture and brand culture, the relationship between brand culture and consumers, the relationship between brand culture and products and services, etc., provide analysis and diagnosis, create brand value and gain more market opportunities.

米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT
米国生活Definition of brand funnel

BOO contains elements:BrandsBrand,the InternetOnline,optimizationOptimization.
4P contains elements: official website/product/Product, to promoteSale, heard/know/familiar with the brand/Place,selling price/Price.
brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.The concept of the brand funnel refers to the sales funnel, the original experience of using the Internet to find reliable product/service providers, and the general habit of users to “shop around” in the current business environment.米国生活A summary of experience in serving customers defines this concept.

BOOSEO-4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand marketing funnel-SEO
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