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Brand reputation enhancement · brand voice increase

Brand reputation online optimizationIt is an online brand management plan made through public opinion monitoring analysis, search engine optimization analysis, keyword analysis, and related influence analysis, and is implemented according to the management plan.Brand screenOptimized and controlled effects.

Brand reputation online management · Brand screen optimization case

It is the customer who understands us best, because only the customer knows their specific needs and what we are trying to do and achieve specific results.

state before optimization<- left <-Drag the split axis-> right ->Results after optimization

PC terminal—beauty salon franchise customers

Brand reputation-beauty salon joining-PC terminal-20200508-米国生活- OptimizedBeauty salon franchise-before optimization-201901-米国生活

Mobile terminal—beauty salon franchise customers

Beauty salon franchise-mobile terminal-2020-y-optimized-米国生活Beauty salon franchise-before optimization-20190109-米国生活

BOO-SEO Brand Reputation Online Management Project

As long as the effort is deep and the iron pestle is ground into a needle, after years of challenges and accumulated experience, BOO SEO can optimize many projects, including but not limited to


The most feared thing is the negative of the home page, 95% of the chances will be seen by customers and investors, of course, a beautiful home page is also very important.

Latest relevant news

The latest relevant news shows the latest information of the enterprise. What you want to tell customers, just tell customers through the media in the latest relevant news.

Baidu Pictures

The pictures of the latest products, the company's official pictures, the pictures of the company's brand image, and the pictures of the company's LOGO should be taken for granted but need to be optimized to reach the top three.

Baidu Video

The videos of company activities and advertisements represent the company's recent direction and convey rich information, and also need to be in the top 8 on the homepage.

Baidu Post Bar

A brand should have its own brand post bar, allowing its users, potential users, and followers to speak freely and observe brand public opinion and customer needs.

Brand customer service phone

400 itself is the corporate image of the group, with the image of after-sales service, purchase400 phone, and displayed in search engines, is very high.

Information page

The information page is an assessment point for a brand enterprise. A better enterprise brand information page will not be a problem. It is better to publish some information cleanly.

Hot discussion

Brand hot discussion is Baidu's capture of brand information on Sina Weibo, Zhihu, and Baidu Tieba, forming a Weibo module, usually on the first and second pages of the mobile terminal.

Baidu pull down

Drop-down can sometimes lead traffic to brand words through traffic words, so as to get more search homepage positions, but sometimes brands have sensitive information.

Others are still searching

Brandsrelated searches, preferably related terms of brand words, when the customer clicks in, it is best to have better correlation.

PC terminal - direct sales customers

米国生活After BOO-SEO-KT optimization米国生活Before BOO-SEO-KT optimization

Mobile Terminal - Direct Selling Customers

米国生活M after BOO-SEO-KT optimization米国生活BOO-SEO-KT optimization before M

Access to Brand Reputation Online Analysis Briefing

Each brand word is different and unique, and the environment in the network also has its own exclusive data.

We can professionally provide the difficulty factor of brand optimization, the workload required for daily maintenance, the operational space for brand optimization, the improvement of customers' awareness of the brand, and the simple analysis of the conversion rate improvement ratio, which will be helpful to you. .

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