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Map Labeling Item Description

Baidu map labeling service not only provides free map labeling and self-management background services for merchants, but also brings three core platform values ​​to merchants:
1. It can improve the online exposure rate of merchants and open up network "sites" for merchants;
2. More merchant details can be uploaded independently, giving local merchants a wider display;
3. Improve the conversion rate of consumption, so that target consumers can find the location of the merchant more quickly and refer to the detailed information of the merchant.
Baidu Map has jumped out of the category of "online map tools" such as pure location search and route query, but has evolved into a comprehensive local life search service platform, providing users with high-value life consumption decision-making services, allowing mobile intelligent services from online. The combination of online and offline will benefit more merchants and users at the same time.

The benefits of labeling on Baidu Maps

Seizing the map business entrance is beneficial, regardless of size. Many small businesses and small shops will lose business opportunities because they do not pay attention to this area, or if there are more advantageous services in the industry.For example, I once ran a long way to take visa photos, and finally found a small shop in a corner, because he made a Baidu map, and the Baidu map can only find that he is the closest.But he can do this kind of service, basically anyone can do it. In addition, it is a group company, the volume is too large, and he is unwilling to do it himself, so he has to do it himself, for example, a certain brand isJoin the brand, through the map, you can use keywords to bring a lot of business opportunities.

Baidu Map Features

In our opinion, Baidu Maps is an earlier, more complete, more promising and more influential map in the industry.Because the map business itself is a small business, and the map update is not a special block, and the location changes infrequently.In addition to AI, Baidu can serve maps. After the Baidu map is created, other maps will index the Baidu map and automatically generate the location. Unfortunately, it is a bit troublesome to maintain.

category:Baidu, AutoNavi, Tencent
cover:Common applications such as Didi, Meituan, Baidu, WeChat, etc.
cost:300-2000 element
Description:The map can be created by the merchant itself, just like the website. If the merchant has a team to build it themselves, it can not rely on procurement. If the merchant does not know how to operate it and has no one in charge of this business, then this fee is used for outsourcing team execution. service workload.

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