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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not only allows web pages and websites to be included and appear on the homepage of search engines, but also makes the brand unique.

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Website optimization SEO ranking and conversion rate improvement

bySEO Beijing It is very simple to quickly improve the ranking and traffic of the website. Pseudo-original collection and sub-station group can be easily done, but we cannot use this method, because the website may be dropped after a long time, and the brand customer will lose more than the gain.

Overall website analysis

In general, the website is not integrated during the construction processSEO analysis, and there is no SEO framework, so it is difficult to have the effect of SEO, and it is necessary to re-analyze the general problem of finding the entire site.

keyword competition analysis

EachWebsite buildingThe purpose of the website is for some specific business, so the website construction needs to have key business layout and key planning framework, and check the business weaknesses through keyword analysis.

Site structure adjustment

After the website is analyzed, the structure of the entire site generally needs to be improved, and the brand content and product content need to be based onSEO techniquesMake optimization adjustments to achieve a better level.

offsite link server

SEOers often sayInside is king, outside is king, that is to say, whether it is on the site or off the site, SEO technology is required to participate, and after doing well, you must get good evaluation from others.

No charge for click

SEO exists in competition with SEM. SEM needs both SEO to maintain a good ecology, but also to compete with SEO under the ecology. Not charging based on clicks is the characteristic of SEO.

Ranking query monitoring

SEO is a continuous, step-by-step, and constantly adjusting process, so the work of SEO is routine work on a daily basis, and regular analysis and checking ensure that the website does not fall into the algorithm.

SEO Beijing Keywords services package

Choose the one that suits your company typeSEO Servicespackage to meet your business needs and experience the value that SEO brings.

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Network promotion for the first time

Website optimization ranking: If you have your own website, but there is no traffic, you need to get the first page ranking through SEO, gain network traffic, and expand sales channels.

Site Diagnostics
Business keyword mining
A brief analysis of the network of subdivided industries
Analysis of the difficulty of website optimization
Website operation optimization suggestions
Website Optimizer Recommended
keyword ranking optimization
Keyword ranking monitoring

network promotion knight

SEO optimized website construction: If you want to build multiple websites, or have a team for post-operation and maintenance of the website, or you want to do Google optimization and promotion to enhance sales capabilities.

+ Website ranking optimization
Website structure optimization
Website Title Optimization
Website URL Optimization
Website Speed ​​Optimization
Website internal link optimization
Website SSL Security Lock
Google Optimization Kit

Network promotion Jianghu Supreme

Popular brand marketing network promotion: If you have a large customer base and want to enhance your brand reputation and brand reputation, speed up the sales process and increase product sales.

+ Website optimization ranking
+SEO website construction advice
Optimizing press releases
Public opinion monitoring report
Optimize video promotion
negative repression
Encyclopedia entry maintenance training
Social media, word-of-mouth marketing

The following data are mainly excerpted from Baidu webmasters and Baidu developers. They do not represent the opinions of this site and are for reference only.

Baidu search engine SEO Beijing website optimization FAQ

Does Baidu SEO Beijing support nofollow?

Baidu SEO Beijing Support<a rel="nofollow" href="url">123</a>,<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">The nofollow in two ways, the url with the nofollow attribute, does not pass the weight.

Does Baidu SEO Beijing optimize support or not support the https protocol?

At present, Baidu can only include a small number of https pages, and most https pages cannot be included.It is recommended not to use the https protocol for the homepage of the website and the content pages that are open to all users. If it is absolutely necessary, try to make the homepage and important pages an http-accessible version, which is included in Baidu.

UPDATE: Now the information is that Baidu supports https.

Will changing the website title have a negative impact on website SEO rankings?

The title is extremely important content.Substantial revisions may result in substantial volatility.So please be careful with page titles.It is recommended to follow the writing method we recommend below, and seek truth from facts to reflect the theme of the page in the title. If it is not necessary, try not to make major changes.

  • Home page: website name or website name _ service introduction or product introduction
  • Channel page: channel name_site name
  • Article page: Article titlechannel namewebsite nameWebsite optimization - SEO - modify the titletitle refers to the html document<title>tags, rather than the title of the article, are placed in the html document in the following form<head>in the label
    Recommended practice
  • Each web page should have a unique title, don't use the default title for all pages
  • The title should be clearly themed and contain the most important content on this page
  • Concise and concise, do not list information that is not related to the content of the page
  • User browsing is usually from left to right, and important content should be placed at the front of the title
  • Describe in a language the user is familiar with.If you have website names in both Chinese and English, try to use the one that users are familiar with as the title description

Is the number of results found by Site syntax the number of pages included in Baidu SEO?

The number of search results obtained by the site syntax is only an estimated value and is for reference only.
The original intention of the site syntax setting is actually to expect users to set a restricted search range to achieve a more accurate search.This is essentially the same as intitle, inurl.And the number of results under these advanced syntaxes, like regular searches, are "estimates", not exact values.Therefore, it is very likely that the "number of results" under the site has decreased, but the actual number of indexed items may have increased.

What is the support attitude of Baidu search engine to brand SEO?

Continuously strengthen the brand concept

On the internetBrand BuildingIt is a process in which users' trust in website content is exchanged for high-quality content and services, allowing users to change from a search engine passerby to a loyal user.Proper brand promotion while meeting user needs is not only helpful for users to choose which one to click when faced with multiple search results, but also has a great effect on word-of-mouth communication.

  • The lowest level, let the user know that the content he gets is from your website - (website index ranking level)
  • Advanced, so that users can think of your website when they want to find this information next time (build a trust industry influence level)
  • Ultimately, when users are looking for similar content, they can think of your website for the first time (industry status level)

Will SEO Beijing be penalized for modifying the meta description of the homepage?

The meta description is only a selection target of the abstract, and modifying the meta description will only affect the abstract.We encourage everyone to write a brief introduction to the site through the meta description.It is just too frequent revisions, which may not be timely feedback in the abstract.

Does Baidu SEO Beijing recommend static URLs?

Whether the URL is dynamic or static has no effect on Baidu, and we do not have any strategy to discriminate against dynamic URLs.In the past, it was said that search engines could not handle dynamic URLs well, mainly because there were too many parameters in dynamic URLs, and it was easy to create a large number of infinite looping "black holes" with the same content and different URLs, and spiders fell into them, wasting a lot of resources.Now we have been able to solve this problem perfectly.
It is best to minimize the variable parameters contained in the dynamic url as we suggest. On the one hand, the length of the url can be shortened, and on the other hand, it can also reduce the risk of bringing Baiduspider into a "black hole".

Which Robots Meta tags can Baidu SEO support?

Baidu SEO supports nofollow and noarchive meta tags.
To prevent all search engines from showing snapshots of your site, place this meta tag in the

section:<meta name="robots" content="noarchive">
If you don't want search engines to follow links on this page, and don't pass the link's weight, place this meta tag:<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">

Will CDN, reverse proxy, and gzip compression on the SEO Beijing site affect search engine indexing?

Baiduspider crawls the site in the same way as ordinary users. As long as ordinary users can access the content, we can crawl it.No matter what technology is used, as long as it can ensure that users can access the website smoothly, it will have no impact on search engines.We recommend that you try to choose a powerful service provider and mature technology. Immature technology can easily lead to unstable access, which may affect the crawling of search engines.

Does Baidu SEO Beijing discriminate against Chinese websites using overseas space?

Baidu does not discriminate against overseas sites.However, the Baiduspider server is in China, and ordinary users in China will not be able to handle the restricted content. As long as it can be accessed normally in China, Baidu will treat it equally.

However, many businesses such as edging and even graying have not been filed.米国生活SEO believes that it should not be supported by formal search engines.

How does Baidu SEO Beijing treat a website with a completely changed theme?

If the content is fundamentally changed, it will theoretically be regarded as a brand new website, and the old hyperlink will fail.Website revision is a project, because the efficiency of revision switching is actually very low, and website SEO will be significantly affected during revision.

What is the relationship between Baidu business promotion and organic search results SEO?

The term "PPC" is somewhat misleading.Therefore, now Baidu has renamed this business "Baidu Promotion" instead of "PPC".
Baidu's commercial promotion and natural search are run by two completely independent departments, respectively, two independent systems. Websites participating in commercial promotion are treated equally in natural results without any special treatment.Baidu's commercial promotion (including the left and right sides) and natural search (the former feature was a link behind it, called Baidu Snapshot; but now most of the open search results do not have a snapshot link) are two completely independent system.The principle of commercial promotion is not "if you give money, some of the natural results can be ranked higher", but "the user's keywords are distributed into two independent systems, which produce commercial results and natural results respectively. As a result, commercial results come first and natural results come after, which constitutes Baidu’s search results.”

There is a deep misunderstanding in the cognition of this point, so I will make a special explanation. It is against this background that the rumor of "kill without money" was born.

The above quote is from Baidu's public statement.

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