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Trademark registration and brand analysis

Trademark agency registration is not our business. If customers need it, we will cooperate with a third-party agency registration company.However, we are indispensable, because we are a one-stop service provider for brand Internet marketing and promotion, and we understand the problems that may be encountered before and after the brand, so our advice on trademarks is more valuable than trademark registration itself.

official fee
¥ 300
  • a trademark
  • Contains one major category and 10 subcategories
  • to the agent
Trademark detection
¥ 2000
  • Inspection analysis within 5 categories
  • Analysis brief one
  • 3 brand word checks
Brand Check
¥ 2500
  • 3 brand word checks
  • Brand word comparison briefing 1 copy
  • Reasons for not recommending brand words

Materials required for trademark registration

SEO-Website Construction-Materials Required for Trademark Registration- 1

Certificate after successful trademark registration

SEO-Website Construction-Certificate After Trademark Registration-1

Trademark registration process

The trademarks we have applied for include: domain name trademarks, Chinese character trademarks, English trademarks, image trademarks, etc.

Trademark Registration Flowchart-米国生活
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