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Website Analysis · Brand Consulting

In strategizing, winning thousands of miles away depends on the understanding of oneself, the cognition of the environment, and the mastery of competitors, through a series of tools, strategies and means to achieve business purposes, professional website SEO analysis and consulting for Decision making and execution provide strategic direction.

Website Basic Analysis

website foundationSearch Engine OptimizationAnalysis is to make a preliminary judgment on the marketing value of a website, and to check and diagnose various Web indicators of the website from a technical point of view. It is like a doctor seeing a patient. More than 90% of the website is in a sub-health state and needs to be analyzed and improved.Our analysis of the website includes, but is not limited to:

  • Basic TDK
  • website structure
  • Important error checking
  • Webmaster Tools Analysis
  • Domestic access speed test
  • Internal link check
  • Affiliate link check
  • Favicon and LOGO check
  • page visual analysis
  • Overseas access speed test
rebuild a website
Brand Website Analysis Report - SEO Report

Brand Internet Analysis

米国生活We mainly provide services to brand customers and customers who have brand expectations for brand development. Therefore, any services we provide are inseparable from the genes of brands and the Internet.For brands, in addition to the website, which is an essential tool in the initial stage of the Internet, it is also necessary to generate industry influence, as well as user purchasing influence, and gradually become a well-known brand in the segmented field. We need to understand:

  • brand image
  • Word of mouth of the brand network
  • Product Complaint Rate
  • Competitor's Cyber ​​Power
  • means of competition
  • Competitor development
Understand brand public opinion
Website SEO Analysis Consulting - Project Report

Website user behavior analysis

Website user behavior analysis is a comprehensive data analysis and judgment of website user friendliness, content quality, and marketing capabilities through users' real access behaviors. It has a direct guiding role for website SEO optimization and brand content improvement:

  • Visitor Loyalty Analysis
  • visitor entrance
  • keyword analysis
  • Return rate analysis, etc.
  • Inbound page
  • Off site page
  • Visitor stop time
  • Visitor Download Data Analysis
Google SEO Overseas Marketing
米国生活Statistical Analysis Tools - Visitor Analysis

Web Analytics Reporting Framework

According to the basic situation that website optimization mainly needs to analyze, carry out optimization analysis, including but not limited to: domain name analysis, keyword analysis, backlink review, ranking query, website review, On Page inspection, Social tools, Google Analitics analysis, etc.

  • Domain Analytics
  • Keywords Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • OnPage SEO Checker
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Google Analytics
Detailed website SEO analysis
Website Analysis Report - Framework - Production Process
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