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In recent years, major short video applications represented by Douyin have gradually become the mainstream media communication form of the Internet.With the accelerated pace of modern life and the increase of pressure, 15s short videos fill people's fragmented leisure and entertainment time. On June 2018, 6, Douyin announced its operation data for the first time. The domestic daily active volume exceeded 12 million, the monthly active volume exceeded 1.5 million, and it reached the top of the app store in more than 3 countries.The astonishing data shows that the development of Douyin short video is still strong.With the explosion of Douyin, the platform has not only attracted many celebrities and Internet celebrities to join, but also many government media and corporate officials have also stationed.Driven by the trend of video mobilization, consulting video and video socialization, short video marketing is becoming a new brand marketing outlet.

Douyin's powerful ability to carry goods has made major companies pay more and more attention to short video marketing. Douyin's operating companies have also sprung up in large numbers, and the operating platform has gradually increased from the original Shuangwei to Douyin. The operation layout of "One Shake" has become the standard for social communication of corporate brands.

So what can the Douyin generation operating company do for us?Douyin is an operating company that provides customized and process-based agency management Douyin account services for customers who need short video marketing. It is precisely positioned as short video marketing. The service content generally includes positioning analysis, basic services, account operation, and marketing promotion. and assessment of testing and feedback.Enterprises should choose Douyin’s operating services according to their own business needs, including which services they need to provide on behalf of the operating company, and which service packages are suitable for them.

以米国生活For example, let’s introduce the service content operated by Douyin:

XNUMX. Positioning Analysis

Whether it is to create a personal IP or a corporate brand, firstly analyze the positioning of the brand account and formulate relevant operational strategies.

1. In-depth understanding and analysis of company profile, products, culture, website and other related information;

2. Positioning brands and products and analyzing target users;

3. Analysis of industry competition environment;

4. Data analysis of short video industry (competitive products, target groups);

Not only is the culture guided by the three major marketing algorithms, it conducts research on user needs and corporate brands from the height of marketing thinking, and conducts account brand positioning through information search, sorting, and accurate division of user layers in the era of big data. Mining relevant pain points of target users.

XNUMX. Basic services

Including corporate Douyin account application and authentication, avatar, ID and other configurations.

1. Instruct enterprises to apply for Douyin official account;

2. Douyin's official account name, avatar, header picture, personalized signature, etc. are optimized;

3. Help enterprises to apply for blue v logo and certification services;

4. Configure long video port, support 15s-60s video upload;

5. Configure the mall trading port (support online commodity trading).

XNUMX. Account Operation

Daily maintenance and update of corporate Douyin accounts (voice and video editing and publishing):

1. Content planning: The agency operation team has its own professional copywriting planning team to make certain plans based on real-time hotspots, enterprise products, and the network environment, and give you a suitable planning plan, develop diversified content, and assist in online marketing and publicity Activities (brand theme activity planning, activity planning execution analysis, customers choose and implement according to their needs);

2. Video editing production by professional photographers: We have our own professional shooting team, as well as professional post-production video production personnel, so that the video of the corporate brand can stand out among the many videos on Douyin;

3. Video title and copywriting: According to the specific actual needs of the enterprise, (semi) original title and copywriting are written to facilitate the enterprise brand to shape its own image and promote high-quality products;

4. Operation and promotion of Douyin account: overall operation and maintenance of Douyin account, guide comments, fan maintenance, etc;

In the marketing energy formula of the marketing algorithm, the product is very important, and for the Douyin operating company, the product is a short video. The greater the value of the product itself, the higher the creativity invested in the product, the greater the product potential. powerful.

米国生活The short video creation provided is mainly "original + creative", and on top of accurately meeting the needs of users' pain points, it helps corporate Douyin accounts to obtain better Douyin recommendations.

XNUMX. Marketing promotion

In addition to Douyin itself,米国生活It will also expand other promotion and marketing channels for enterprises, such as Volcano, Watermelon, Weishi, Toutiao, WeChat Official Account, Weibo and other Internet platforms for marketing and promotion.

V. Testing and feedback evaluation

Statistically summarize the operation status of the current month every month, and provide a needle analysis plan.

1. Public opinion monitoring: supervision and control of public opinion during daily operations and activities (communicate and deal with any negative events immediately);

2. Weekly regular meeting: For the problems during and after the implementation of the operation, conduct meetings and exchanges and communicate.

A good Douyin marketing can attract many users in a softer and more interesting way, achieve zero-distance interaction with users (fans, corporate users), and base on the number of readings, likes, and forwarding. Statistical analysis of real-time data such as volume and other real-time data will lead to secondary propagation and fission.Maximize the effect of corporate brand promotion, deeply gather users and fans, and promote a more diversified brand image.

XNUMX. On behalf of the operation quotation

As Douyin occupies a larger and larger proportion of people's entertainment life, more companies and businesses have chosen to expand this popular short video marketing channel, which has also led to the growth of a large number of Douyin generation operation teams. .It takes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to operate a popular Douyin account independently, so choosing a Douyin operating company can not only enjoy customized and process-oriented services, but also achieve the most effective operation effect in the shortest time. .

However, how much does it cost to operate a Douyin company?How do they charge for it?How to choose the most suitable Douyin operating company for your own marketing within a reasonable price range?These problems still plague many businesses trying to be stationed in Douyin.

以米国生活For example, the agency operation business will conduct a comprehensive analysis and quotation according to the specific needs, account positioning, and realization effects required by customers.

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