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Press release · Spread brand voice

Extra: The dissemination of the media makes the communication of social information more smooth and open, and people can get updated business news through the media, which helps to influence their thinking and business decisions.Through the optimization of media articles, the control of media communication and the positive influence of public opinion can be realized.

Press Provider + News SEO Provider

Maintaining good media relations, media friends can help when something happens, it is indispensable in the Internet age, we call it Media Affairs, which is a business environment factor. Good local media relations determine the brand reputation of the region, and affect the reputation of the entire network.

Baidu News Feed

Publishing articles is for dissemination, but the multi-level dissemination effect is what people want to see more. In addition to the media release, the news source collection can display keywords and be more targeted.

News page optimization

The brand information pages are classified and identified, and more valuable information is optimized in the first few pages, good information, information that conveys the positive energy of the enterprise, and information that affects customer decision-making is optimized in the first place.

Baidu latest related news optimization

The latest related news is the media symbol of a large enterprise. Enterprises that are widely concerned by the market, through the judgment of Baidu's algorithm, appear aggregated entries of the latest related news.

Press releases optimized to the brand homepage

Under certain circumstances, when the latest information is not available on the homepage of the brand, it may be possible to optimize important news articles to enter the homepage of the brand. We have optimized the national-level articles to the homepage for 9 months, which resulted in the media rewriting the SEO natural attributes.

APP information flow home page recommendation

Baidu customersTerminal homepage recommendation, Toutiao client home page recommendation, a little information, daily express, Tencent client home page recommendation, Sohu client home page recommendation, Phoenix website client home page recommendation, NetEase client home page recommendation.

Negative public opinion suppression

Brands hate negative public opinion to the core, but they must identify, judge, and classify them based on objective facts, and then formulate relevant strategies to deal with them. We can reduce or even disappear their impact through optimization.

Massive press release media resources

Central media, five major portals, news sources, from central to local portals, comprehensive, vertical media, finance, parent-child, entrepreneurship, blockchain, domestic, overseas, media and media can be found.

It can simultaneously publish the whole network's Q&A word-of-mouth, self-media, public account, Weibo and other channels

Customized press release optimization service package

Special offer single service package recommendation

Maintaining good media relations, media friends can help when something happens, it is indispensable in the Internet age, we call it Media Affairs, a business environment factor, good local media relations, determine the brand reputation of the region, and influence reputation across the web.

Collection meal
¥ 300
  • 20 media packages
  • Baidu included
  • News Feed Collection
  • Fast delivery
  • Promotion preferred
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
Portal meal
¥ 500
  • 30 media packages
  • local media
  • vertical media
  • Pack and publish
  • Spread preference
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
educational meal
¥ 600
  • Education Portal
  • Fast delivery
  • high weight
  • Stable collection
  • without contact
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
Healthy meal
¥ 1,600
  • 20 portal media
  • health vertical
  • low price
  • not negative
  • No rights protection
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
Group meal
¥ 2,000
  • Station group publishes 1000 articles
  • Recorded well
  • Right 0/1/2/3
  • Manuscript Review Loose
  • Contact information available
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
Tech meal
¥ 12,800
  • 19 tech headlines
  • Big V advantage
  • Do not pick manuscripts
  • Featured premium
  • 10 fans - 100 million fans
  • Do not accept illegal manuscripts
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