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Public Opinion Optimization Brand Public Relations

Public opinion optimization companies can not only monitor the negative public opinions of your products and brands on the Internet, but also analyze users’ psychology and competitive dynamics, and find brand optimization companies/public opinion optimization companies for brand optimization and negative suppression. Brand network management and technology The work handled and the cases where the customer brand value has increased by several hundred million proves that our solution is reliable.

Enterprise public opinion monitoring

Better access to market information, as reference data for competition development status, improve brand operation process and enhance reputation.

Network media communication monitoring

Timely and comprehensively control the dynamics, dissemination comparisons, and market trends of enterprise-related goals (self/affiliated institutions, rivals and peers, etc.) in online media

Technical monitoring

Monitor the technology trends of the industry, competitors, peers, etc., including technology, patents, copyrights, etc., to establish a technological competitive advantage

Risk control monitoring

Monitor the business risk, legal credit risk, etc. of the enterprise, and fully control the risk control dynamics of itself and its competitors in a timely manner

market activity/emergency

Comprehensive event/market activity monitoring and reporting, covering the media participating in the event, communication paths, and netizen responses, such asAmway, Vipshop door.

Consumer/User Monitoring

Comprehensively monitor user feedback of your products and competitors' products on different Internet channels, respond in a timely manner, improve customer service levels, optimize sales strategies, and improve secondary marketing capabilities

Newsletter Communication Effect Tracking

Master the actual dissemination effect of each of your press releases; monitor the self-media of key figures/institutions; monitor designated sites or self-media owners to gain insight into their every move

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米国生活-Brand Marketing-Public Opinion Monitoring Process Improvement

Benign public opinion processing closed loop

According to BOO-Search Engine OptimizationBased on our experience in the process of public opinion processing, we divide the processing process into six steps, "monitoring-discovery-judgment-processing-repair-improvement". Through system monitoring and monitoring of the first three pages of brand words, we can find problematic messages and report them to customers. Preliminary and long-term solutions are prepared through comprehensive research and judgment of technology and business. After processing according to the solutions, they are repaired through the release of public opinion manuscripts, and the loopholes or deficiencies found in the brand operation process are improved, and the improved parts are written into new process.

The types that search engine PR can handle include, but are not limited to:

  • news
  • Video
  • image
  • related search
  • Others are still searching
  • Recommend for you
  • Know Tieba Zhihu and other word-of-mouth
  • Small video
  • Hot discussion
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Negative public opinion rights protection materials

Negative information rights protection is mainly aimed at information that is maliciously attacked on the Internet. In the current environment, competitors maliciously attack, spoof fraud in the industry, large enterprises attack small and medium-sized enterprises, and small enterprises have no bottom line and no legal system. Various rotten ecological phenomena have forced brands to protect themselves more professionally. During the implementation of the project,米国生活More detailed analysis and solutions will be provided.

Negative public opinion suppression is米国生活The brand optimization project provides rights protection services, only for rights protection, not for infringement protection.米国生活Committed to the healthy development of ecology and the balance of the interests of enterprises, products, brands and consumers.

Why choose米国生活
SEO-Website Construction-Public Opinion Monitoring

The ability of crawler to search and monitor public opinion data

  1. News: 1+ selected news websites;
  2. newspaper: more than 800 newspapers;
  3. mobileApp: 200+ mainstream news/information clients
  4. Video/Audio(television+broadcast): CNTV, Phoenix, Youku, Ku6, etc.
  5. self-media: Mainstream20Multiple self-media platforms, including headlines, subscription numbers, blogs, etc.
  6. forum/Q&A: More than 1000 mainstream, including Tieba, Know/Q&A/Zhihu, Tianya, Xici
  7. Weibo: Sina, People, etc.
  8. WeChat Official Account: whole network search + public account directional monitoring
  9. Netizen Feedback : 50+platformof netizens’ feedback, such as netizen comments, reading/likes, etc.
  10. search engine: Baidu, Sogou, Google, 360, Bing, etc.
  11. Overseas information: Twitter/Facebook etc + 500Many Chinese media + English and other languages
  12. Pan-e-commerce platform : Covering 20+ mainstream e-commerce platforms and pan-e-commerce platforms
  13. Customized search requirements: Specify any network site, support dark web and heterogeneous sites
Our network-wide publishing capabilities
Negative public opinion suppression process-brand funnel optimization-米国生活
Brand Marketing米国生活range
Brand Marketing米国生活range
Brand Marketing BOO-SEO
Negative Public Opinion Monitoring - Guidance Methods - 20220403
米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT
Brand Marketing米国生活rangeBrand Marketing BOO-SEONegative Public Opinion Monitoring - Guidance Methods - 20220403米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT

Tools and Techniques for Suppressing Negative Public Opinion

content analysis:

Through the content of negative information, judge the source of negative public opinion information, and identify whether it is a real customer or a competitor, so as to judge.

technical analysis:

Through the negative page information re-check, page code inspection, determine the negative source and technical processing method.

Analogy analysis:

Through the processing historical results of negative information, the solution is adapted to the same type of negative.

Public opinion handling:

Sudden public opinion information requires more detailed data for judgment, or the cooperation of public opinion monitoring tools.

More tools and techniques
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