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How to enable the copy function of article type

Copying is a very simple but useful feature when we want to do something similar,米国生活Using the wordpress Yoast duplicate post plug-in function to achieve the copy of the article, saving the operation time.But when there are multiple types of articles we use, then we need to copy for the article types.So how to enable the copy function of other article types?Set Path Settings - Duplicate Post Set method to select duplicated page elements.Check Permissions - Customer Testimonials…

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How to remove product work grid settings-read more-view item?

Works grid, in general米国生活Use it for product introductions, because the products on the website are commodities, and our e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and do shop page decoration, which is probably the introduction.Products are different from commodities. In the WordPress system, the commodity function refers to the e-commerce function, which can classify and sell products, provide online sales payment channels, and offline logistics and distribution methods.Therefore, this function is displayed in a functional way. In terms of configuration, you can modify the style and text arbitrarily, which is very convenient to configure the page. The modified website is: Extension…

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Search Engine SEO Optimization Basics - Webmaster Tools Configuration Steps

Whether it is doing Google SEO optimization or Baidu SEO optimization, webmaster tools are the technical communication tools for search engines that we cannot do without. We need to use search engine language to communicate with search engines. Therefore, the following are the basic prerequisites for communication. Configuration steps.Step XNUMX: Enter Baidu Webmaster Tools User Center - Site Management - Add a Website Step XNUMX: Verify the website according to the prompts. At this time, you either need to have domain name management authority or website folder management authority. Generally speaking, you need to have a domain name IT/SEO engineers with management or folder management permissions to operate.Step XNUMX: Manage…

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How to apply for a Baidu account and create Baidu content?

Baidu account is the key to Baidu application. For example, you want to create Baidu Baike (Baidu entry), Baijiahao, Baidu statistics, Baidu resources, Baidu NLP, Baidu applet, Baidu Know, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Map, SEO Tools, Baidu Index, etc. You have heard of Baidu-related applications, and a series of Baidu ecological applications require a Baidu account to log in.So how to create a Baidu account?The first step, log in to Baidu: Click the login button in the upper right corner.Step XNUMX: Click Register Now If you already have an account, you can log in directly with your username, enter your account, or…

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SEO analysis tools - several commonly used webmaster tools

When we look at network data, the naked eye is often powerless. We need to use some tools to provide efficiency. Data is the source of management. Accurate data and filtered data can be used for analysis and decision-making.Webmaster Tools We usually use Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools, Aizhan, 5118 can be used directly by default, but after registering an account, you will view more information about the duration and purchase membership View more data.Index query Baidu index is relatively accurate…

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What should I do if the page editor cannot be loaded on some computers?

This phenomenon is sometimes encountered when using Wordpress to publish articles, that is, the Wordpress visual editor cannot be loaded, or the visualization and text cannot be switched.This problem sometimes occurs after the version of Wordpress we are using has been upgraded.So how to solve this problem?The following is a sharing after the actual test of Zhengzhou SEO, which can effectively solve such problems. The specific methods are as follows: In the root directory of the website, find the "wp-config.php" file, and add the following code at the bottom: define('…

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