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SEO analysis tools - several commonly used webmaster tools

When we look at network data, the naked eye is often powerless. We need to use some tools to provide efficiency. Data is the source of management. Accurate data and filtered data can be used for analysis and decision-making.

Webmaster Tools

The webmaster tools we usually use webmaster tools, love station, 5118
5118 webmaster analysis tool
By default, it can be used directly, but after registering an account, you will see more information about the duration, and if you purchase a membership, you will see more data.

Index query

Baidu Index is a data that can relatively accurately reflect user needs. After registering a Baidu account, you can log in
Baidu optimization-seo index
After registering a Baidu account, you can share the official website Baidu statistics and Baidu resources with team members to jointly manage website data.

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