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How to enable the copy function of article type

Copying is a very simple but useful feature when we want to do something similar,米国生活Using the wordpress Yoast duplicate post plug-in function to achieve the copy of the article, saving the operation time.But when there are multiple types of articles we use, then we need to copy for the article types.So how to enable the copy function of other article types?Set Path Settings - Duplicate Post Set method to select duplicated page elements.Check Permissions - Customer Testimonials…

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How to remove product work grid settings-read more-view item?

Works grid, in general米国生活Use it for product introductions, because the products on the website are commodities, and our e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and do shop page decoration, which is probably the introduction.Products are different from commodities. In the WordPress system, the commodity function refers to the e-commerce function, which can classify and sell products, provide online sales payment channels, and offline logistics and distribution methods.Therefore, this function is displayed in a functional way. In terms of configuration, you can modify the style and text arbitrarily, which is very convenient to configure the page. The modified website is: Extension…

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Three ways to solve the problem of Baidu's double inclusion - the latter two are more effective

The phenomenon of Baidu's double-inclusion and the consultation to solve the problem of double-inclusion are not uncommon. However, it still cannot effectively solve the problem of inclusion. How to really solve the problem of dual-inclusion? This article proposes three methods. The latter two are more effective and will definitely help you solve it effectively. The problem of double inclusion can realize the centralized power of the website and improve the ranking.What is Baidu double index Baidu double index generally means that Baidu includes both @ (root domain name without www) and subdomains of www.For example, and are both included by Baidu, but in fact, this is very important for users to…

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Website Construction B2B Inquiry Overseas Marketing under the Epidemic

The epidemic has had a detrimental impact on the world economy for 100 days. The world is a big ecology. No country can survive alone. Every enterprise in the country has blood in the lifeline of the country. We cannot escape.Application Scenarios of Website ConstructionSmall business entrepreneurship website construction For small businesses, it is too difficult to make a good website. It needs IT technology, needs to buy servers, needs to record, needs art, needs design, SEO engineer, editor, and post-production. This is not something that small businesses can handle. The reason is that the cost is too high and the effect is not good. We often see people buying…

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They actually acquired customers through hundreds of website building and website optimization!

Under the epidemic situation last year, more and more people started to build websites. Last year, the average number of filings per day was tens of thousands, which means that the number of website filings in 2020 will be several million. Not surprisingly, they have been building websites last year and this year. , And last year was a special year. Many people have never built a website. After building a website, they will find that there is no traffic, and they will think of doing website optimization.However, website construction does not necessarily bring traffic, and website construction requires a good SEO structure, including business structure, technical structure, and excellent website optimization operations.The number of website registrations A company registers hundreds of thousands…

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How to compress image size in website optimization

How does website optimization compress image size? SEO is search engine optimization, which requires knowledge of search engine optimization and various operations according to standards.米国生活In the later stage, the operation standards of website SEO, website construction standards and website optimization standards will be gradually established to improve the coordination between the intelligence of each post.The reason for writing this article is because we put a new site on the home page in seconds, and the brand words were quickly included, and quickly ranked on the home page and the top three.Then the handover of the website is carried out. After the customer receives the website background, we tell the customer how to edit the website. As a result, the customer moved quickly and changed the pictures,…

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Requirements for the website name for website ICP filing: the official website may not work!

When entering the ICP filing application on the website, you need to fill in the real website information, and the subsequent filing reviewers will verify the authenticity of the information you fill in.This article introduces you to the specifications for filling in the website information for filing review, and guides you to fill it out correctly to avoid rejection of the filing review.Unit website naming requirements The basic requirements for website naming are that the website name must be greater than 3 or more Chinese characters.It is forbidden to use pure numbers, English, and domain names as website names, and names cannot contain special symbols.The website name needs to be consistent with the actual website content.The category of the website name is prohibited. The category of sensitive information (such as anti-corruption, gambling, corruption, etc. is prohibited)

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Brand franchise website construction and entrepreneurship need to pay attention to a few points

What points should be paid attention to when building a brand franchise website?The customer consultation is now doing brand franchising. I want to create a website and then package the brand. I said that I used to do weight loss and do it together with others. Now I do it myself. I have my own brand, but there is no website.After communicating about feelings and work content, it is determined that the following points need to be paid attention to: Establish concrete goals and measurement standards. My friend gave me a website/webpage with a good vision to join a weight-loss brand before, hoping to have a website like a case, so as to Expand business channels and gain access to new business opportunities.I checked the website's construction time, website traffic, and the results...

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How to edit web page and design bevel style for web page?

In the process of building our website, we sometimes need to do some personalized designs to make our visitors feel fresh, so that new visitors can click and stay more.So how to style beveled edges and more?米国生活SEO inherits the online website optimization template to build a website and provides a variety of simple operations. You only need to drag it online immediately, and you don’t even need to teach it. You can do it yourself, because various uploading and modifying actions are basic office work.To enter page editing First, you need a user with editing rights, a username and password, and a login background.Then the mouse way to the line can be...

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