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The specified domain name has already been bound-Solution-Fort Tower

When this site is going to use the second-level domain name as a brand foreign language station, and it is parsed through an overseas CDN, it encounters a prompt that "the specified domain name has already been bound" when adding a domain name. So, what should we do?Find the default.db file in the storage file of the specified domain name, and the backup path: /www/server/panel/data/default.db (check the specific file path according to your actual situation) Open the file of the specified domain name. db is opened by SQLite software , the deletion of the domain name specified in the domain table...

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How to adjust CSS so that slider banner is centered full width

In the process of building a website, we may use multiple plug-ins and components, so we will design different CSS codes. When the codes have priorities, there may be priority conflicts between the codes, resulting in problems with the final display effect. .When we upgrade and improve the website, we will also encounter similar situations, because the upgrade may only be a partial upgrade, which will lead to a conflict between the part and the whole. Therefore, to achieve a partial upgrade and adapt to the whole, then a certain amount of testing and Code adjustments.For this conflict between the two plugin modules of WPB and Sliderrev, we have two…

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Website Construction B2B Inquiry Overseas Marketing under the Epidemic

The epidemic has had a detrimental impact on the world economy for 100 days. The world is a big ecology. No country can survive alone. Every enterprise in the country has blood in the lifeline of the country. We cannot escape.Application Scenarios of Website ConstructionSmall business entrepreneurship website construction For small businesses, it is too difficult to make a good website. It needs IT technology, needs to buy servers, needs to record, needs art, needs design, SEO engineer, editor, and post-production. This is not something that small businesses can handle. The reason is that the cost is too high and the effect is not good. We often see people buying…

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How to write a quality operation and maintenance article for website optimization?

When we do a good job in building a website, we can access the website through the domain name at this time, and the fresh website should have new blood flow and output, so we are required to operate and maintain the website and add new articles. The following It is the operation steps: The operation steps of writing website articles and logging in to the background of the website are omitted.Click on the menu on the left: Articles - Write Articles Enter the title of the article, write the content of the article. The article is full of pictures and texts. Attractive women can't do without rouge and perfume. They even need to be equipped with a certain amount of self-cultivation to complete their elegant demeanor and charming temperament. Then, the article is also The same, I want people to look at it twice,…

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How to expand the capacity of Tencent cloud server and automatically mount the data disk

After repeated communication and testing, I learned that Tencent Cloud cannot expand the system disk at the current location. The system disk is the system disk, and the data disk is the data disk. Because Alibaba Cloud has successfully tested in Alibaba Cloud, it can expand the capacity of the system disk. Therefore, a I really want to try to test Tencent Cloud's system disk expansion, but the result is an error, you can't.After communicating with Tencent after-sales customer service, I learned that the technology is different.Therefore, there is no standard for cloud technology in China, and when customers use the servers of different cloud service providers, they must master the configuration of different cloud service providers. There is no communication between service providers and no standards are formed, which makes customers compare with suppliers.

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Many people are annoyed by being swiped by Baidu statistics advertisements, but they don't know..!

Some people in the market do Baidu statistical advertising business, so what is Baidu statistical advertising?The following are米国生活The common Baidu statistics advertisements are annoying, but how annoying are they?How bad is it for the website?Will it be demoted?It's something we all care about.The phenomenon of Baidu Statistical Advertisements Baidu Statistical Advertisements are the words that appear as advertisements in your statistics background?So, which ads will appear and which ones won't?as follows米国生活Screenshots are disgusting.The same website, two sets of codes, two results are the same website, we change an account and see different results...

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What is the process of quickly transferring a domain name from Juming to Wanwang?

I just bought a domain name from Juming. Because I usually use to manage the domain name, I need to choose Ali's registrar. During the transfer process, I used the quick transfer method, but the prompt is very embarrassing. During the transfer process, the domain name registrar The name was changed from “Number One Web Hosting Limited” to “Number One Web Hosting Limited”. After communication, the process obtained is as follows: JuName-->Quick Transfer Out-->Number One Web Hosting Limited-->Transfer Code-->Wanwang is transferring process…

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How to access static web pages through Alibaba OSSbucket?

Website optimization and quick website building can operate some common advertising and traffic-draining operation methods in the market through Alibaba Cloud OSS. Alibaba OSS has integrated some functions of the sequel. You only need to put the files in, and you can create a website. The advantage of OSS is that you don’t need to If you need to build a website, you can put the static page in it. The OSS domain name directly points to the bucket folder to access the static page html, such as: index.html. The resolution points to the domain name you purchased -- resolve to --> you created OSS-bucket domain name--direct association-->…

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Website Construction - SEO - Long Tail Word Mining

Website Construction-SEO-Long Tail Word Mining Website Construction Ministry Website Construction Company Chongqing Website Construction Shenzhen Website Construction Website Construction Services Chengdu Website Construction Dalian Website Construction Dongguan Website Construction Kunshan Website Construction Suzhou Website Construction Beijing Website Construction Shanghai Website Construction Zhengzhou Website Construction Foreign trade website construction Chengde website construction website construction which company is good enterprise website construction website construction website high-end website construction Jinan website construction mobile website construction website construction design website construction enterprise website construction tutorial website construction cost E-commerce website construction...

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