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What are the commonly used CMS systems for website construction?

Website construction generally uses common systems on the market, as well as custom developed systems, and some of the latest website CMS systems in the middle, so what is the difference between these offerings?

What are the most common CMS systems for website construction in China?

Dreamweaving dedeCMS, Empire CMS, PhpCMS, Chanzhi CMS, 5UCMS, etc. are all in PHP language;

The common website system is also in .net language, because it is relatively rare, or some platforms have built a CMS system in bilingualism. This is no different for customers, but there is a choice for the technology of technicians, who can understand PHP. , can only maintain the php framework, if you know .net, you should use .net engineers. .net must use IIS service and windows server, while php uses Apache and Ngix as web servers, and the application server can use windows and Linux without restrictions. When the system is a little bigger, php is used, such as the php language used by Taobao in the early stage.

There are many excellent website construction systems in foreign countries that are used globally:

The most common is WordPress. The WordPress background used by the White House in the United States is very fast even if it is accessed in China. This is the website CMS system, which mainly provides content, information, and communication applications.

There are also some systems in foreign countries, such as Joomla;

All are based on the PHP language and can be built on Windows, Linux and MacOSX servers.

Which platforms do domestic website construction providers generally use?

The common one is Dreamweaving DEDECMS, which is usually done by a very small SEO engineer, because there are a large number of templates on the market, and the background is easy to operate.Enterprises use it relatively rarely, because Zhimeng dedeCMS has too many loopholes and needs to be optimized for security.

The same is true for Imperial CMS. Generally, news stations use more, especially seo engineers. Because news sites are similar to soybeans, they can be used with a little modification, and the seo functions of weaving dreams and empire are relatively simple and easy to use. TDK is relatively simple and can be used by beginners.

There are more people who use PHPCMS, it has CMS functions, and there is also the need for secondary development of enterprises. There are not too many general templates. Therefore, there are more people who use PHPCMS for development. However, this also involves a serious problem. , is the issue of copyright authorization. Generally, secondary development enterprises have not obtained the authorization of phpcms. After all, the open source version can get the software code, and phpcms, dedecms, etc. have background monitoring. Maybe this thunder will sound when. Unlike foreign WordPress, Joomla and other platforms, there are no copyright restrictions, so more people use it, more developers in the world, and more and more domestic people use WordPress, these are some with development ability development.Different CMS systems correspond to different ecosystems.

There are also some domestic enterprises who feel that they have no problem with the CMS system. After all, it is only about 10 tables in the back-end database. Functions, product functions, payment functions, etc., there is not much money to buy a template, but most of these templates are similar, so there are many startups to choose.

Finally, customized website construction and development, that is, according to the needs of the brand enterprise, the structure and content suitable for the brand enterprise are individually designed. We recommend it from the aspects of copyright, global market, system stability, etc.米国生活s Choice.


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