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This may be the search habit of most of us. Of course, this search is no problem, but we must know that this is also the most entry-level and primitive search method.Why do you often fail to find satisfactory answers?Why do you often have to spend several times as long as someone else to collect a piece of information?Why can others find more and better materials when writing articles on the same topic?This gap is brought about by search capabilities.Therefore, today's article is to redefine your search capabilities and allow you to have higher search efficiency.Good search ability is the best tool to solve problems.Don't treat search engines like people and avoid colloquial searches.

Baidu in China VS Google of the world

Baidu and Google are both old-fashioned search engines. After Google search exits China, Baidu is the dominant one.The two search engines have their own advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, I recommend that you use Google to search more. As for why, we compare them through the following aspects, and I believe you will be able to find the answer. 01Baidu belongs to China, Google belongs to the world. This is the most essential difference between the two search engines. Baidu is a home-grown product that mainly serves the domestic market, while Google is an international product and is the largest search engine in nearly 200 countries. .More than 100 languages ​​are supported.Even countries such as Iran, India, and Vietnam with a large gap between their languages ​​and English use Google to search.For Google, language is not an issue.As of June 2018, Google search's global market share exceeded 6%, far ahead of other search engines, and no search engine could even threaten Google's position.Google is the most popular browser in China's Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, with usage rates above 90%.Although Google has such a high market share in the world, Baidu, which was born and raised in Chinese, has an obvious advantage in Chinese search.And if you are doing foreign trade, or you want to search for English information, using Google is very suitable. 70 Baidu has ads, Google has no ads. Unless the content you search for has no advertising value, the top five search results through Baidu must be advertisements, and the advertising business is also Baidu's largest source of revenue.After several advertising incidents on Baidu, more and more users have begun to consciously avoid advertisements in search results. 03 Baidu search results can be intervened, and Google search results are more direct. Friends who understand search engines should know SEO technology. Through SEO technology, ordinary users can also improve keyword rankings by optimizing website content.Why do we sometimes feel that the search results are inexplicable, because these contents have been processed by SEO, but they meet Baidu's crawling rules, but it does not mean that the quality is the best.On the contrary, Google is much better in this regard, which is why we always feel that the quality of the content searched by Google will be better, because Google's search results have not undergone human intervention, and only good content quality can rank, and the search effect will naturally be better. . 04 Baidu is more protective of shortcomings, Google is more selfless

There was an article titled "One Search is a Baijia Account, Baidu Search Engine Is Dead? "The article is popular all over the Internet.The reason is the results obtained through Baidu search. More than half of the content points to Baidu's own products, including Tieba, Know, Library, Encyclopedia and so on.Conversely, Google is more altruistic when it comes to content.Summary: if conditions permit, I recommend you to use Google.

Baidu's Advanced Grammar Search

Command: "intitle"

Usage: Use the "intitle" command to specify the keywords to be included in the search results. Note that the colon connected after "intitle" is in English.

Take an education company as an example. For example, your purpose is to find the official website of some education company, and then establish contact with each other through the official website to discuss some cooperation.The conventional practice is that you first search for education companies, and then click into the website one by one to find the contact us page, but not all companies will have a contact entry on the website.Therefore, this will lead to a problem. You search for a company, but you click in and find out that you can't find an entry for the connection, so you can only change to another company, which will be very inefficient.To be more efficient, you can do it with the "intitle" syntax.

For example, search: "English training intitle: Contact us"

As you can see, all the search results are pages that match the keyword content and contain "Contact Us".
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