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Advertising law knowledge required for website construction

With the development of China's economy and the Internet, and some marketers' unscrupulous exaggeration in propaganda, the state has to use legal weapons to restrict some exaggerated propaganda.

Limit terms include but are not limited to product listing pages, product titles, subtitles, main images, and detail pages, product packaging, etc., which touch the bottom line of the new advertising law. In terms of individual fines, it starts at 20 yuan and reaches a maximum of 100 million yuan.

In the environment where the new advertising law is gradually improved, as every user involved in the use, it is necessary to understand the latest advertising law prohibited words.The national "Advertising Law" clearly states that "state-level, superlative, best and other terms cannot be used", but the word "etc" here is not clearly explained, indicating that it may contain a wide range, and many platforms also Expand the scope of forbidden words to avoid stepping on thunder.

Judging from the regulations of some platforms and other provisions of the "Advertising Law", Micro-Management has selected a series of words from the common words used in home improvement, building materials, and the upstream and downstream industries of real estate. It is recommended that the relevant parts of the following words are not used.

 "100%" series 

100% is a word that is often used, and it is also the word that is most likely to step on thunder.Many products on the market will be marked with the word "100%", such as: 100% imported, 100% without additives, etc.This seriously interferes with the judgment of consumers when choosing products. The word 100% often involves "false" propaganda, but it can catch the attention of customers in a short period of time, so merchants are always happy to use it.

 Exclusive Collection 

"Exclusive, original, exclusive, developer, creator, founder, inventor"

 "Most" series 

Best, Best, Best, Favorite, Most Earning, Best, Best, Best, Maximum, Maximum, Highest, Highest, Highest, Most Extravagant, Lowest, Lowest, Lowest, Lowest, The cheapest, the most fashionable, the most popular, the most popular, the most fashionable, the most gathered, the most suitable, the most comfortable, the first, the most advanced, the most advanced science, the most advanced processing technology, the first to enjoy, the last, the last wave , the latest, the latest technology, the latest science.

 "One" series 

No. 1, No. 1 in China, No. XNUMX on the whole network, No. XNUMX in sales, No. XNUMX, No. XNUMX, No. XNUMX brand, NO.XNUMX, TOP.XNUMX, Unique, No. XNUMX in the country, First-class, One day, Only this time (one ), the last wave, one of the top X brands in the country, and the top sales (requires certification from the Housing and Construction Commission to use).

 "First, Country" series 

The first, the first choice, the exclusive, the exclusive formula, the national first, the first, the capital, the first, the first in the country, the national sales champion, the national product, the national (national inspection-free), the national leader, the filling of the domestic gap, the national house, the national Leader, country, take the lead.

 "Pole, level" series 

National-level (except those issued by relevant units), national-level products, global-level, cosmic-level, world-class, top-level (top/top), top-level craftsmanship, top-level enjoyment, class A, super class A, ultimate, extreme, top (top / cutting-edge), top enjoyment, advanced, superb, excellent (excellent/absolute), ultimate, extreme, extreme, perfect, excellent (excellent), supreme, supreme, supreme, perfect, perfect, perfect Seat, Finale, Aspiration, Unprecedented, Unparalleled, Out of Print, Unparalleled, Must Be, Peak, Unprecedented, Unparalleled, Top, Ding-level, Ding-crown, Dingding, Perfect, Outstanding, Non-renewable, Non-reproducible, Unique, precious, incisive, unparalleled, unique, outstanding, outstanding, 5A...

 "Collar" series 

The world's leading, far ahead, leader, leading, leading...

"Brand series

Big name, gold medal, famous brand, ace, leading brand, world leader, leader, creator, leading brand, leading listing, supreme, peak, leader, king, champion, superstar, famous...

 "Authority" Series 

Time-honored brand, well-known trademark in China, special supply, exclusive supply, recommended by experts, exempt from quality inspection, no need for national quality inspection, exempt from random inspection, recommended by national XX leaders, recommended by national XX agencies, using RMB pattern (except approved by the central bank)

for example

1. Is Variety in Variety xx a limit word? It is not considered illegal.

2. Does wild belong to the limit word? No.

3. Is XNUMX% pure xx a limit word? Whether it belongs to a limit word must be comprehensively judged in conjunction with the specific context.If it is consistent with the actual situation, it belongs to XNUMX% pure solid wood and can be used.

4. Can ordinary food descriptors be used for nutrition and nourishment? Can ordinary food descriptors be used for health preservation? The publicity of commodities must be true, and cannot be publicized by unproven facts.

5. Is formaldehyde-free health and environmental protection an illegal word? Advertising should be consistent with the actual situation, and no formaldehyde should be provided with proof materials, otherwise it will constitute an illegal.

6. Does the Portable Juicer and Travel Essentials appear on the details page belong to the range of limit words? No.

7. Is pure cotton or pure cotton a limit word? It does not belong, but it involves the issue of authenticity.

8. Is high-end a limit word? No.

9. Can the word craftsmanship be used? Does it violate the advertising law? If it involves the business philosophy and pursuit of goals, it can be used.

10. The milk bottle is sold. If the bottle body is made in Europe and the pacifier is made in China, can the origin of the product details be described as Europe? It is recommended to indicate the specific origin separately.If the bottle is imported as a whole and the customs declaration procedures are complete, it is recommended to describe the origin of the product details as Europe.

11. Is it okay to have the lowest price in the whole year written on the main picture of Double Eleven? On the basis of the facts, add qualifiers such as: our store, on the basis of guaranteeing the facts, yes.

12. Is the maximum washing temperature also an illegal word? It is consistent with the actual situation and can be used.

13. Is it a limit word to remove edema and moisture, can it be written on the title? Is it a limit word to remove edema and moisture, can it be written on the title?

14. The product is a Chinese brand, and the title of Taobao is German Jinmei. Is it false propaganda? Suspected false advertising.

15. It is illegal for the skin care product acne-removing mask produced by the manufacturer to write acne-removing in the title? Check whether the cosmetic is a special-purpose cosmetic and whether it has the effect of removing acne.It is not a special-purpose cosmetic or does not have the effect of removing acne, and cannot be promoted.

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