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The importance of website SEO keywords

Anyone who knows SEO knows the importance of keywords.

Appropriate keywords are the top priority for a website to move in the right direction, and have a profound impact on the planning of website content, link structure and external link construction in the future.

Site-Relevant Content

There is a saying, "You reap melons if you sow melons, and you reap beans if you sow beans".The same is true for a company's website. For example, if your website is for "SEO", don't think about using words such as "Winter Olympics" or "Xi'an Tumbler" to attract traffic. First, you may not be able to use these words. Ranking; secondly, even if ranking is achieved, those who search for these words and enter the website will not necessarily buy your services.

Keywords with many searches and low competition difficulty

A keyword with high search volume and low competition difficulty is the key to ranking and traffic.However, the reality is that most keywords with high search volume are accompanied by great difficulty in competition.We should actively discover and expand keywords through relevant tools, and count the number of searches and competition data for each keyword. Through careful comparison, we will always find that there is a relatively considerable search volume and a relatively difficult competition. small keywords.

The core keywords of the website should not be too broad

As mentioned above, the broader the core keywords, the more difficult the competition; if the coverage is too broad, the relevance of the content will be greatly reduced.On the one hand, keywords involving a wide range of keywords will cost more manpower and financial resources. On the other hand, because users are not accurately selected, resources are wasted.

The core keywords of the website should not be too long or too special

Too long keywords will greatly affect the number of searches. Even if keywords that are too special have almost no competition, few users will think of searching, and no one will even search.To focus on users, think about this problem from the user's point of view, and many problems about keywords will be easily solved.

Marketing value of website keywords

It can also be called the commercial value of keywords.The purpose of doing SEO is nothing more than to attract traffic into sales, and only accurate traffic can bring more sales.In the same industry, the drainage brought by different keywords is also different.

Combine regional advantages

For example, near Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, there are many office buildings, many of which need services for network optimization and brand marketing.”米国生活"The company is also here, so adding "Jiangtai" to the keyword can accurately target nearby potential customers, and with the advantage of being close, it can have a good drainage effect.

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