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How should the website development project team be configured?

Website construction is a process that every enterprise that develops according to the marketing approach must go through. Whether it is the Internet age, the digital age, or the ancient times, the medium through which we communicate with each other is changing, and what remains the same is the way of information transmission. , and the shape of the tool.

Web Development Project Properties

Before we develop a website, first we need to determine the properties and characteristics of the website in order to find a better way to implement the website development project.

  • First, the website is a system property;
  • Second, the website is a CMS property;
  • Then, the website is the operation and maintenance attribute;
  • Finally, a website is a marketing attribute.

The system attributes of the website let us know that the website needs IT project management to complete. Whether it is waterfall or agile, we all need to manage the project team and project resources in a certain way to ensure that the project is on time and according to quality. Finish.
But we can't just see the system properties of website development and ignore others.If we ignore the CMS attributes, we will measure the power of mature CMS; if we ignore the operation and maintenance attributes of the website, we will make the website lose flexibility and continuous active competitiveness after it goes online; if we ignore the marketing attributes of the website, the website will lose its flexibility Lose the traffic that should belong to it.

Configuration of website development team capabilities

Recognizing the attributes of website development, we have a reference to meet the requirements of the website. We need to have the corresponding capabilities to do well in website development. Then, generally speaking, what capabilities do we need to make a website well?

  • Marketing competencies: Marketing, Consumer Psychology, SEO
  • Ability to analyze customer needs: marketing, social psychology
  • Product Packaging Capabilities: Aesthetics
  • Project management competencies: PMP, ITPM, management
  • Ability to develop: Computer Science
  • Ability to cooperate: Communication, Linguistics
  • Operational Capability: Operations Research
  • Ability to choose: Finance and Finance

Configuration of web development team staff

With the analysis of the capabilities required for website development, we can match these capabilities with personnel. According to the job title in the market, we will build a high-quality website and conduct good operation and maintenance of the website. The following personnel roles are probably required :

  • Project Manager: Managing Project Success
  • Market business personnel: describe market needs
  • Strategic consultant: clarify market competition, grasp the combination of market development direction and own capabilities
  • Business Requirements Analyst: Collate user requirements, project requirements and confirm
  • Website architect: According to the market demand, the website business is reasonably structured, and the server and network system architecture
  • SEO optimizer: optimize the technical structure of the website business structure according to the business structure, and continue to optimize after the launch
  • Designer: Design the website according to the website architecture and user needs
  • Developer: realize the front-end and back-end development of the website, and adapt to the flexibility of the website structure
  • Quality management personnel: to ensure that the website is developed according to Web standards for quality control, and to ensure project quality according to project management methods
  • Testing and testing managers: system inheritance testing, user testing, and verification of the realization of website development requirements
  • Operators: After the website is launched, it will be operated and continuously optimized with the help of SEO optimizers.
  • Organization Manager: Manage the formulation and adjustment of the capital budget of the organization where the project is located, and the assignment of personnel roles

Of course, the above standards have exceeded international standards. Our domestic website development projects are far from reaching this level. In addition, small businesses are difficult to survive, and we did not have enough funds to manage such projects at the beginning. Therefore, the project team is equipped with personnel. It can be used as a standard, according to the actual situation of the enterprise and the project, it can be cut to be small enough to fit our actual project.

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