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What is the correct output of installing the pagoda panel?

There are many people who use pagoda panels for website optimization, so how to ensure that pagoda panels are installed correctly?

Two main messages after successful installation

XNUMX. The result after installation, path, user name, password
The path is BT-Panel: http://IP address
Username Username: random, can be changed
Password Password: random, can be changed
Tip: If you can't log in, you can go to your own server to modify the security group and open ports 8888, 888, 80, 20, and 21. Of course, if you use other ports, you can modify them later.
XNUMX. Prompt for successful installation
1 Minute The entire installation process takes 1 minute, which is fast enough.
After logging in, it will prompt the installation environment immediately, choose LNMP or LAMP, the difference is Nginx or Apache, I choose Apache, after all, stability is more important to me.

wait for you to install
The website double included 301-pagoda configuration-米国生活
After the pagoda panel is installed, it may not be the latest version, it may be 5.x, but it is almost meaningless compared to the latest 6.6. 6.6 is more secure, and you can set up a security entrance. Basically, after the upgrade, no attacks have been encountered.
Note: Compatible operating system: Centos7.x, upgrade method: use command to upgrade

Possible problems and solutions

Question 1: Sorry, Centos6.x cannot be upgraded to 6.0 with this script!
solution:The Python version of Centos6.x is too low and is no longer compatible with Pagoda 6.x. It is recommended that you upgrade to Centos7. If you are familiar with Centos, you can also try to install Python3.4 as the default Python. yum manager not working
Question 2:It is detected that CloudLock is installed in your system, please disable the [System Reinforcement] function of CloudLock first, and then re-execute the upgrade command
solution:Disable the [System Reinforcement] function of CloudLock, and then re-execute the upgrade command
Question 3:Sorry, this upgrade script only supports Centos7..
solution:We do not have enough confidence in the upgrade scripts for Ubuntu/Debian and other operating systems at present, please pay attention to the upgrade scripts we will launch in the future
Question 3:Can't access panel after upgrade
1. Re-execute the upgrade command. If you find an error, please take a screenshot and post it here, or contact the technical staff in the QQ group for help
2. If you still cannot access the panel after repeatedly executing the upgrade command, please execute the following command and send us a screenshot of the displayed result

  1. tail -n 50 /www/server/panel/logs/error.log

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Question 4:After the upgrade, the panel can log in normally, but the software list cannot be obtained
solution:This problem is caused by network reasons, resulting in an incomplete upgrade process. Please try to execute the upgrade command again. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact our technicians to manually upgrade for you.
Question 5:The original scheduled task cannot be edited after the upgrade
solution:We have rewritten the scheduled task module in 6.0, which is no longer compatible with the scheduled task of 5.9, but it does not affect the execution of the original scheduled task, but cannot be edited. If you care, please delete the old scheduled task and add it again
Question 6:I turned out to be the professional version, where is the upgrade command for the professional version?
solution:The professional version and the free version use the same upgrade command. After the upgrade is successful, the panel will be automatically upgraded to the professional version.
Question 7:How do I go back to 5.9?
solution:Uninstall all plugins, then reinstall using the 5.9 install command
Question 8: Some plugins are not available after upgrade
solution: Uninstall unusable plugins and reinstall

upgrade command

1. Do not execute this upgrade command on Centos6
2. The upgrade process takes a long time and may be affected by network factors, causing the upgrade to fail
3. If the panel cannot be started normally after the upgrade, please re-execute the upgrade command
4. The upgrade has certain risks, please upgrade the production environment with caution

  • curl|bash

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