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Some Suggestions for Small Business Website Construction

The huge amount of information on the Internet is like a torrent, and the content is complicated. After the information of small enterprises is published on the website, it is often like a rock. The lack of uniqueness and competitiveness is a common problem. , If the technical support is not enough, there will be no advantage. How can we talk about the goals and effects?
1. The beauty of the website
When the audience clicks to enter the website, the most intuitive thing is not the content of your website, but the aesthetics.Therefore, website art must be done well. In the design of web pages, attention must be paid to the combination with its own corporate culture. The choice of minimalism or floridity should be based on the company's own positioning, not because of excessive pursuit of color saturation or typography. It ignores the connotation and taste, and thus falls into a cliché, which makes people feel that this enterprise is flashy.Of course, if the company has a theme color, it can be applied to the web design, combined with the logo, it will be even more impressive.
2. The content of the website
The content of the website is not necessarily good, but we must pay attention to the quality. Many companies think that putting a lot of information on their own website can attract traffic, but they do not pay attention to the problem of conversion rate.If the audience clicks in and sees a full of sick sentences, typos, and inconsistencies, their only option is to close the page.The content of the website is to serve its readers, which belongs to the user experience. The user's preference determines the conversion rate. If the user experience is not good, even if the traffic is large, if the conversion rate is 0, then the effect is 0. .
3. The logic of the website
You can see a person's way of thinking from logic. If the logic is unclear, who can trust you?For example, if you are doing brand promotion, someone wants to see your previous case, and then clicks in, and finds that it is all about the company's introduction... …Of course, these are extreme cases, but if the website is designed without logic, and when someone clicks on the link, Jinru’s page displays something unrelated to what you want to know, then why do you ask people to stay with you? on the website?
Therefore, an excellent website does not need to be decided by one person, but requires teamwork, brainstorming, and the support of rich experience and excellent technology.

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