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What is the process of quickly transferring a domain name from Juming to Wanwang?

I just bought a domain name from Juming. Because I usually use to manage the domain name, I need to choose Ali's registrar. During the transfer process, I used the quick transfer method, but the prompt is very embarrassing. During the transfer process, the domain name registrar The name of the group was changed to "Number One Web Hosting Limited". After communication, the process obtained is as follows:

Juming –> Quick Transfer Out –> Number One Web Hosting Limited –> Transfer Out Code –> Wanwang

During the transfer process, we found that the domain name is in the state of transfer prohibition protection. The client of the domain name is prohibited from transferring protection (clientTransferProhibited), which is generally a restricted transfer set by the user. In this state, if the user wants to cancel this restriction, you can Do it yourself.It is worth noting that when the domain name is in this state, it cannot be transferred, it can be used normally, it can be managed normally, and it can be renewed normally. This state can also be cancelled by the registrar.

In addition to the transfer prohibition protection, the domain name has three states: the prohibition of deletion protection, the prohibition of renewal protection, and the prohibition of modification protection.

Delete protection is prohibited (clientDeleteProhibited)

When the domain name is normal, the general registrar will add this status, which is a function superimposed on ok, indicating that deletion is prohibited, which is safer than OK.When the domain name is in this state, it can be used, managed and renewed normally, and this state can also be cancelled by the registrar.To delete a domain name, you need to cancel this status.

Prohibited renewal protection (clientRenewProhibited)

Most of you are worried about whether you will not let me renew the fee in this state. In fact, this state means that automatic renewal is prohibited. It is possible to manually renew the fee without restriction, because if the fee is automatically renewed, the registrar will automatically renew the fee. If you automatically renew the fee, but you don’t want the domain name anymore, it is the registrar who loses, so the registrar will not automatically renew the fee for you.But you can renew the fee manually, and the registrar will renew the domain name after getting your money.

Prohibited modification protection (clientUpdateProhibited)

is the ownership information of the domain name itself.For example, the owner of the domain name is Zhang San, and the phone number is 18612888118. Without the permission of the agent, the phone number cannot be changed to 400-010-2020 without authorization.When you modify the information, it will be automatically unlocked, and then locked again, so this can be ignored and does not affect the change of Whois information.

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