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Many people are annoyed by being swiped by Baidu statistics advertisements, but they don't know..!

someone in the marketBaidu Statistics Advertisingbusiness, so what is Baidu statistical advertising?The following are米国生活The common Baidu statistics advertisements are annoying, but how annoying are they?How bad is it for the website?Will it be demoted?It's something we all care about.

The phenomenon of Baidu statistics advertising

The advertisement of Baidu Statistics is the word advertisement that appears in the background of your statistics?So, which ads will appear and which ones won't?as follows米国生活Screenshots are disgusting.

Baidu Statistics Advertising 2-米国生活

Baidu Statistics 1-米国生活

Two sets of codes for the same website, two results

On the same website, if we change an account, we will see different results. As a result, we can no longer see the ads that were swiped.try it yourself.

Baidu Statistics Advertising-Personal-米国生活

The reason for Baidu statistics advertising

The reason for Baidu statistical advertising is because Baidu statistical advertising comes out of the advertising system.The information of these advertisements may include Baidu statistical code, tokenID value, and the corresponding domain name. We cannot judge the domain name through Baidu statistical code.

Because of the universality of codes, some people in the market provide advertisements for brushing statistical codes. They crawl statistical codes and domain names through crawlers to provide statistical code advertisement services.

The reason for this kind of advertisement is the algorithm problem and the interface data problem of search engines such as Baidu/Sogou.

Other Free Statistics Tools

CNZZ Friendship Statistical Tool

We have more free and paid statistical tools, and Umeng statistics also have Umeng statisticsStatistics advertisingof.Try the paid ones. Free ones come with a price. However, ads are just ads, not traffic.

Youmeng Statistical Advertising-米国生活

米国生活statistical tools

We can not only make statistics, but also analyze the user's access path. Of course, tools can be used, but米国生活Statistical tools are more visual, help us analyze user behavior, and do furtherWebsite optimization.There is no statistical advertising, because our algorithm is real users, not swipe them.

米国生活statistical tools

The influence of Baidu statistics advertising

One might wonder, what will happen to these ads, will they crash the website?

The reason has been explained before, now only the result:Baidu statistics advertising, is to brush Baidu statisticsadvertisment.Your website traffic will not change because of Baidu statistics, and your website will not be changed because of Baidu statistics.Brush the statistics codeAnd if it gets worse or better (it’s not the website that you browse), the quality of your website is just a representative of your website’s level. Good quality is your ability. If the quality is not good, you have to ask yourself whether it can work.

On the one hand, the reason why some people are so angry is because of themselvesignorance, on the other hand, isimmoral, of course, mainly becauseInsufficient ability, so tell you the following solution:

How to automatically cancel the interference of Baidu statistics disgusting words

One might think that it is better not to let others interfere, or not to switch to other statistical tools.Just delete the previous code and create a new one.

Following米国生活, ups and downs.

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