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How to write a quality operation and maintenance article for website optimization?

When we do a good job in building a website, we can access the website through the domain name at this time, and the fresh website should have new blood flow and output, so we are required to operate and maintain the website and add new articles. The following is the operation steps:

SEO editorial operation - website optimization -米国生活

Write website articles

The operation steps for logging in to the background of the website are omitted.

Click on the left menu: Articles - Write Articles

Operation steps for writing articles - website operation and maintenance -米国生活

Enter the title of the article and write the content of the article

Articles with pictures and texts

Attractive women are inseparable from rouge and perfume, and they even need to be equipped with a certain amount of self-cultivation to complete their elegant demeanor and charming temperament. Then, the same is true of articles. If you want people to see more, you need to decorate and dress up. ; Without considering server storage and network speed, we can upload some videos and pictures, but we still have to consider server storage and network speed, so we recommend that you can do it with pictures and texts, that is, as long as you upload picture.

Steps to upload pictures

First of all, we have to prepare the picture, you can have your own way to prepare the picture;

Our suggestion for pictures is, Caution: Be sure to ensure originality, otherwise it will involve infringement of pictures on the website. Now many people who make pictures are broken. While trying to welcome you to reprint and download online, secretly preparing to sue you for infringement , When there are more people who reprint it, they will sue one by one. You have to buy it if you don’t buy it, and the premium is hundreds of times thousands of times. If there is no picture, just go to the picture platform and buy an authorized version. The problem is not you. The problem is that you are authorized.

Secondly, let's share our picture creation methods, you can take screenshots + LOGO by yourself

How to upload image steps-米国生活

Once it’s done, save the screenshot and name it: write an article-article writing method-米国生活, the reason for this name is to let each picture have a unique ID, the article names in the website are not repeated, and have brand characteristics.Don't ask me too much, just figure it out for yourself.

Then upload pictures - add media (pictures, videos, audio, word articles are all media)

Upload Button - Article Editing -米国生活

Click to upload file

Image File Upload - Media Library -米国生活. PNG

Then, on the right side of the media library page, copy the file name into the alt text (this isSearch Engine OptimizationThe optimization work, the alt text is the alt of the image, if there is no name of the alt text, then the search engine may not understand the image and say what)

Alternative Text - Article Editing -米国生活

Finally, click Insert Article.

SEO structure of articles

Image SEO optimization

Image alt optimization, described above.

Anchor text link

Increase the keyword internal links in the website keyword deployment list, and try not to do the keywords that are not in the keyword list, because it is a waste of time and emotion to make internal links for keywords that are not our business goals.

For example, keyword: SEO, we have started to make internal links, because we still want to try the optimization of keywords with tens of thousands of keyword indexes. The competitiveness is weak, and we still want to challenge.

SEO keyword internal link -SEO-米国生活

Article Category

Article classification is not just a matter of random points. It needs to be designed together with the business structure and URL structure of the website, so as to ensure the value of article classification and the effectiveness of SEO. How to do classification requires website SEO analysis, which will not be described in detail here.

Website column classification selection-article editing-米国生活


Like article classification, it is recommended to set optional Tab tags in advance, so that articles can be associated with Tab tags for articles to be associated with the same node.

tab selection - article editing -米国生活

The Tab tags selected for the keywords in this article are after-sales support, website optimization

select thumbnail

Thumbnail/featured cover means that when others see the article list, if the article list is set to display thumbnails, our featured image will be displayed, so, as a standard operation, we are going to design a featured cover of.

In order to let visitors focus on the key points, I also grayed out the non-relevant screenshots to make the article more focused.The lower right corner is to set the featured image, and the screenshot after setting is omitted, because the operation process is repeated with the picture selected above.

Select Featured Cover - Thumbnail -米国生活

If you don't want to set a featured image/image, we can also use the logo as the default featured image, but it doesn't look good,米国生活Our website is perfecting the featured images. When the image format and style are ready, they will be uploaded gradually. The amount of work to be done is huge, so I omitted it in the early stage.

Publish/Copy Articles

To publish an article, just click Publish, the location is as above.

When we want to write an approximate article, we can directly copy and modify it.

Further reading

When the topics covered in this article are related to other topics, you can write some articles for extended reading, just click the link button, click the small gear icon, search for keywords, and select Insert.

Further Reading Insert Article - Article Editing -米国生活

Add retention form

If customers are interested in seeing our articles and want to have a little contact and contact, then we'd better leave contact information directly.If you are our advanced website users, we will have the basic form configuration, and if you are a strategic customer, we can also customize the form style for you.

Add information form - article editing -米国生活

After the customer leaves the information to the form, the information of the form will be directly sent to our sales team via email.

Email reminder for information form - article editing -米国生活

Oops, I overlooked a business opportunity, I didn't see this business opportunity, I saw it.It seems that the email can't be sent to a contact person. It should be sent to the sales email group, so that the sales team can watch it together, and then follow up and include it in the CRM system to protect customers.Improve the process.

Article Editing Conflict Management

When there are multiple editors on our website, it is unavoidable to edit at the same time, and the editor status of the article is displayed. If you want to take over the editor, you can directly apply for takeover.

Take over the article editing process - Article Editing -米国生活

Article version management

Our articles must be continuously optimized to better enhance the articles and the competitiveness of the website. Then, article version control can allow us to see the article revision records, track the articles, know who edited them, and make changes. what, and the article can be recovered.If it is to restore the website, it is enough to back up the website. If you restore an article, it can only be done like this.

Article Versioning - Restoring Articles -米国生活

Article SEO Auto Setup

After we write the article, we also need to set the TDK of the article to count the SEO optimization work. In order to reduce the workload and improve the efficiency, we operate with SEO tools, which are effective for both google and domestic search engines. For foreign trade website marketing, or domestic website optimization are tried.

Article Title SEO Settings - Article Editing -米国生活

Finally, how to build a quality and marketing website is difficult for website construction suppliers to understand and unable to do.needs something like米国生活Only people who know more in this way can make your website more valuable for marketing and make your operation team do more with less.Click here ->Request a solutionRight.

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