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Website Construction B2B Inquiry Overseas Marketing under the Epidemic

The epidemic has had a detrimental impact on the world economy for 100 days. The world is a big ecology. No country can survive alone. Every enterprise in the country has blood in the lifeline of the country. We cannot escape.

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Application scenarios of website building

small business startup

Website construction is too difficult for small businesses to make a good website. It requires IT technology, server purchase, filing, art, design, SEO engineer, editing, and post-operation and maintenance. This is not a small business. It can be done because the cost is too high and the effect is not good. We often see people buying a template website and outsourcing it to a website construction company, but you see, if you look closely, there is generally zero traffic, that is, It seems that we have a website, but we don't have the fundamental value of a website - the ability to acquire customers online.

grafting米国生活SEO website is free to build a website, through米国生活The website construction platform and website structure can save a lot of trouble. We only need the company to provide the company's promotional pictures, text and other information files, and we can enrich the content of the website, so that the website can be enriched in addition to the above-mentioned SEO structure and network marketing capabilities. , also has growth, through米国生活Fast ranking technology, to achieve keywords on the home page, each word is only 3 yuan per day, which is much cheaper than bidding ranking.米国生活Free website construction has to be said to be an opportunity choice.

Overseas Marketing Google Optimization

Under the big strategy of domestic circulation and domestic and international dual circulation, exporting products to foreign countries and optimizing and ranking Google websites is an essential work.米国生活Connecting with Google-optimized international SEO tools, suitable for foreigners’ email communication habits, obtaining high-quality foreign customers, and marketing domestic products overseas are a necessary way for us to promote international circulation, and it is also beneficial to reduce the international cost of door-to-door visits and telephone communication. condition.

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Website optimization technology advantages

Technical structure optimization

Technology structure optimization is the optimization of technology implementation based on business structure. Technology is generally general, otherwise it cannot be called technology, but business is unique, and the technology structure needs to change with the change of business structure.In general, we need to optimize the technical structure as follows:

1. In-site link structure

Framework: Cooperate with the business structure to carry out the technical structure layout of the website.

Basics: Reduce the depth of links between pages/highlight the hierarchy and structure of important pages/frames, which can usually be achieved through article link list + inner page sidebar design.

2, URL structure normalization

(1) The url is static, using a URL such as /seo-123456.html instead of the dynamic style of ?page=123456

(2) Reduce the url directory hierarchy, which is helpful for spiders to quickly find

(3) The number of url characters is short, as long as it does not exceed the length standard

(4) The url contains keyword pinyin or English words, which is more inclined to the result database and reduces translation

(5) url normalization

3. Website navigation guide optimization

(1) Top navigation

(2) Bottom navigation

(3) Breadcrumb navigation

(4) Inner page related navigation

The above types of navigation must list all the column links, and use the form of text links.

4, tag tag optimization

If we say that column optimization is the vertical structure optimization of the website, tag tags are the horizontal optimization, so that we can weave into the network.

5, keyword tag optimization

If there is a network, there are still loopholes in the network, and the points need to be integrated.

6. 404 pages, avoid web page url bugs, no one reports errors, and bugs need to be discovered and repaired.

7, site map: xml map html map, link search engine spiders and website network structure.

8. Robots.txt is the same as the site map, which can better guide the search engine spider web crawler.

page optimization

1. Article TD optimization, Title title optimization, Description optimization

2. Main area optimization

(1) Page layout design: On the one hand, it satisfies users, on the other hand, it satisfies search engines, so that technology and business can be linked.

(2) page keyword layout

3. If the similarity of web pages is too high, or the pages composed of tabs are repeated, use Canonical for optimization.

4. Page update mechanism: article link fission

5. Source code optimization

(1) Simplified code

(2) Add alt attribute to the picture

(3) Practical H1 tags in the page

(4) Comply with w3c standard

(5) Canonical

(6) Use and optimization of Google fonts (distinct treatment at home and abroad)

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