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3 elements of website design for website construction

3 elements of website design

Website design and development is mainly aimed at the field of e-commerce. It is not only website art and content, it may involve the development of some functions of the website, which has a deeper meaning than production.

Targeted fields: Provide targeted solutions for different industry fields and market sizes, adopt the most optimized e-commerce process in the industry, and various marketing tools that are popular with consumers.

Tailor-made: product information management, product catalog management, user information management, HTTPS encryption, order management, online payment configuration and management and other powerful mall systems, tailored templates, let you lead the industry.

Basic element

The content of web pages should be designed in accordance with the specifications: such as the web accessibility standards promulgated by the government, and the "Web Content Accessibility Design Guidelines" (WCAG 3) published by the international organization W20C.

Good information aids, such as screen reading software, Braille display, etc.

Users should have the ability to operate browsing aids: after good training and learning, people with visual impairment or learning disabilities can still obtain the required web page information.

development professional

The website development major is a new type of integration of website planning, web design, web programming, website functions, website optimization technology, website editing, domain name registration query, website construction, website promotion, website evaluation, website operation, website overall optimization, and website revision. Interdisciplinary.Cultivate the all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty, have originality and strong practical ability, master the necessary cultural foundation and professional knowledge, have solid computer and network knowledge, basic knowledge of visual design, network marketing knowledge, e-commerce platform construction and management capabilities innovative compound talents.A website development team can consist of hundreds of people (web developers).Smaller businesses may only need a permanent or shrinking webmaster, or a related job position such as a secondary assignment as a graphic designer and/or information systems technician. Web development may be a collaborative effort between a department rather than a domain-designated department.

Column arrangement

●Delete as much as possible those columns that are not related to the topic;
●As far as possible, the most valuable content in the website is listed on the column;
●As far as possible, the columns are arranged from the visitor's point of view to facilitate visitors' browsing and inquiries; auxiliary content, such as site introduction, copyright information, personal information, etc., need not be placed in the main column, so as not to dilute the theme.

In addition, the layout and settings of the sections should also be reasonably arranged and divided.Sections are larger than the concept of columns, and each section has its own column.For example: the site is divided into news, products, games, colleges and other sections, and each section has its own main column.Generally speaking, the content of a personal site is less, as long as it is divided into a column, there is no need to set a section.If it is necessary to set the section, you should pay attention to:

● Each section must be relatively independent;
●All sections should be related to each other;
●The content of each section should revolve around the theme of the site.

If you do website SEO, then SEO is a more important element.

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