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Enterprise website company website title setting method skills

In the Internet era, we inevitably have to use network tools for business operations, some for official website display, some for search optimization to find business opportunities, some for brand promotion and introduction, and some comprehensive use of websites, so that the website can play its role. To maximize the value, we often need to optimize the website to enhance the value of the website.Including, the website's temperament, interactivity, content guidance, ability to provide solutions, etc., among which content guidance has some common problems and suggestions in the title of the enterprise website as follows:

Whether the corporate website title only uses brand words

Many people ask, is it okay to keep only brand words on the official website of a company?

Of course you can, isn't it beautiful?However, if this method is a well-known enterprise, they all know what the brand does, and nothing else. The core keywords and business keywords can be optimized through off-site optimization, and relying on the cooperation of franchisees, so that the franchise agency business party can return the website to the website. Go to the official website and other methods to maintain the authority and traffic of the website.

Therefore, for start-up brands, when everyone is not very clear about what you are doing, it is recommended to set the website title in an all-round way, so as to better combine brand words + business words, such as portable WiFi, others know your brand, It will search for a brand's portable WiFi, so that others are coming to you and know what you are doing, increasing brand exposure and business promotion.

On the other hand, big brands, well-known brands, such as BMW, there is no need for the business keyword of automobile to appear in the title.However, BMW's website has always been doing SEM, and will use SEM to promote the brand slogan. At the same time, when relevant important events such as corporate direction change, key business improvement, and new product launch occur, there will be different titles to emphasize the new business direction.

BMW official website title SEO and SEM

To sum up, optimize the official website in a way that suits you.

How to match the official website title and brand promotion

Take BMW as an example. BMW doesn’t say that its car is a luxury car. However, people already think that luxury is not what he says every time he advertises, but is made by product design and service, and is used by third-party cars. The platform is positioned as a luxury car.

Brand publicity cannot be literal publicity, but information that is consistent with products and services. Publicity that cannot be consistent with products and services is a whirling knife, hurting leeks and hurting yourself.The information expressed literally must be consistent with the corporate philosophy, strategic direction, and implementation behavior, so that we can have accurate positioning, stable consumer awareness, good reputation and sustainable development space.

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