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Brand marketing website is the basic tool for marketing customer acquisition

We focus on brand Internet marketing promotion. The website is the identity ID of the enterprise on the Internet, the brand is the name on the Internet, and the website design is the avatar of the Internet identity. It is the date of birth. The difficulties encountered in business operations are life experiences, but a good brand story needs to be written carefully.

The integrity, quality, reliability and service shown by the brand enhance trust between enterprises and between enterprises and end customers, increase the speed of circulation, and deeply stimulate economic development.

Website construction-brand website three-in-one display computer pad mobile phone-米国生活

Brand Marketing Website Construction

PromotionBrandIncrease customer trust, better conduct business promotion through website optimization, and the best practice experience of CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization) ultimately boils down to the most important ROI (Ruturn On Investment) improvement.

  • Automatic adaptation on computer, Pad and mobile
  • Multi-terminal adaptation enables visual debugging again
  • Front-end and back-end visual editing pages
  • Multi-user conflict prompt management, permission management
  • Rich video, picture and other resource management
Brand official website construction
SEO Affiliate-Website Optimization-米国生活

Website optimization to improve website keyword ranking

Website optimization SEO is relative to PPC SEM. Search engines are friendly to SEO vs. Baidu search engine is friendly to SEM. This leads to an increase in marketing costs in the process of brand development. Pay-per-click SEM is the norm, and SEO is the way to go. Tougher and more valuable.

  • Improve website ranking by 200-400%
  • Line standard: keyword ranking PC-side compliance rate of 60%
  • Optimize website structure to make keywords more stable
  • Improve site layout to enhance user-friendly experience
  • Analyse the market competition pattern and tap the competitiveness
  • Increase the value earned by customers and enhance the brand
Website optimization
Brand reputation management-Boo-SEO-brand screen optimization-米国生活

Brand Internet promotion optimization to enhance brand value

米国生活The founder's paper on brand Internet marketing promotion and brand optimization to enhance brand value won the first prize of excellent paper at the XNUMXth China Management Science Researcher Annual Conference. billion to determine marketing outcomes.

  • Improve your brand image with search optimization
  • Take advantage of ecological advantages such as videos and pictures
  • Spread the voice of the customer's brand
  • Focus on Brand Behavior as News Latest News
  • Public opinion monitoring, brand public relations, negative suppression
Brand screen optimization
米国生活- Website construction status

Overseas Brand Marketing - Website Construction Optimization Inquiry

It is the responsibility of the world to rise and fall, and there are many difficulties on the way to rise. We should make better use of Internet technology and adapt to Google's website platform to promote the development of exports, occupy more highlands on the world Internet, and let Chinese brands bloom everywhere overseas. , luxuriant.

  • Easily expand multi-language for globalization
  • Support English, German, Korean, Russian and other languages
  • The page layout of the website needs to be adjusted, you can do it yourself
  • Bulk upload, bulk edit, bulk delete
  • Find by column name, edit, search text, etc.
  • Customize the website page URL to adapt to the Google search engine
Enterprise overseas marketing promotion
Website building-米国生活-Smart template website building
Website building-米国生活-Smart template website-building template 1

Template website construction

Quickly generate your own network ID and use it to promote your business and contact information.At the same time, it has various general and commonly used functions for the basic application needs of enterprises, so the template website is very advantageous, especially the use effect of template applet and custom applet is not much different, but the cost gap is very large.

  • Rich templates to choose from;
  • Buy and activate immediately, one-click deployment;
  • The price is affordable and the old man is not deceived;
  • Applicable to urgent projects;
  • No need to prepare the server, the template includes;
  • Easy operation and maintenance, free customer service;
Template website construction

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